I didn't forget about my blog.

The holidays passed, the year changed, dance recitals passed, my little blog's six year anniversary passed. 

I've often planned to blog again, beginning with a little note of apology and how things would have to change going forward. Then the world gets crazy and scary and my dumb little blog seems frivolous and trivial. 

So hello, Silver Shoes & Rabbit Holes readers. I haven't forgotten you. I've just been on a terribly long break.

When I began my little blog, Big Sis was six and Little Sis was four. One had just finished kindergarten and the other still had another year of preschool. Today, they are twelve and ten. One finished her first year of middle school with straight A's, and the other has one more year of elementary school. Things have changed. 

I don't know where my good camera is. Not that it matters much, as I'm a bad photographer. Prolific, but bad. I use my phone, which has a tiny crack on the lens. I can't win.

My house remains small and dark, and now it's more cluttered than ever. I'm trying to fix the last part.

So embarrassing.

My desktop died, and I use my kids' laptop or Chromebook, or my phone. I miss my desktop.

If I keep blogging, Silver Shoes & Rabbit Holes will be dedicated to the occasional book. Probably older books, as I'm far removed from my bookstore days now, and since my girls are on to chapter books, I'm no longer tuned into what's new.

I am very small potatoes. 

But I thought I'd give this space a try again. My other thought is to hit the delete button and end the whole thing, but I might destroy some Pinterest pins in the process.

Of course, Pinterest has ceased to be much fun anymore, either, but that's another post.


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  1. HI LOVEY. You know what? Sometimes I think I wasted an entire decade blogging about stuff, and that my time would have been much better spent actually like, making money and going back to work as a lawyer. But I remain happy that my blog exists, and mostly what I'm happy about is that I met certain friends online. I really question the relevance of blogging now that it seems like everything is just all about Instagram. But blogging has all been so worth it for me because I met you!! I'd read about anything you wanted to write about! You could start an organization blog ha ha, I'd totally read that because I need help. Anyway, much XO for you, much XO for your blog!

    1. Bahahaha, I have no organization! That's the problem! And I'm raising sentimental little packrats in a tiny old house. We are broke half the time, and the mess makes me feel sick. That's the unblogworthy truth, you know? I feel guilty spending time on a blog while my house is falling down around me.

      But I've had new likes and hits on Facebook, and people seem to be seeking out this space. Maybe that's a sign. We will see!

      And thank you so much for the kind words. I love you! I'm grateful for all the blog friends I've made! Too bad Pinterest has become such a mess. We would never have met there today, you know?

    2. I KNOW, that's horrifying. I used to love Pinterest so much - it's really a shame what happened to it. I feel like I need a storage locker to hold Julia's old crap ha ha ha. She's a hoarder. And messy. Leaves gum wrappers all over the floor. She managed to ruin an entire sofa with her slime. Blogging is hard, I've realized. There's no way I could blog these days the way I used to with like 10 photos from our daily life etc. Instagram is so great that way. One photo! Man I used to spend ages and ages putting posts together. I just can't do that anymore! And all I care about now is just getting book or box info out there in the fastest way possible, and for me that's Instagram. I'm a broken record lol. And sometimes it's just nice to not worry about all the social media. Honestly the only blogs I read with any regularity are Cup of Jo, MFAMB, and Posie Gets Cozy. I'm making next to no money with the boxes lol, I make them too nice ha ha, and so I barely break even basically, and not enough eyes are seeing them. Which is why I'm trying to grow my IG. But it's fun to put things in the mail. Maybe I need to find employment at the post office??? Anyway, I think if you just get on here and ramble, I for one, am totally wanting to read it!

    3. Well, rambly is what I am!

      Tomorrow is Fairy Day and for the second year in a row, we have no fairy house. It's also my niece's Frozen birthday party.

      Weren't our girls little, like, yesterday?!


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