Happy Fairy Day 2018

It's June 24, my favorite pseudo-holiday: International Fairy Day! Except it's stormy and dreary (but still miserably hot!), and we have done nothing to celebrate it. Actually, we're soon headed to celebrate my niece's fifth birthday (actual date: tomorrow), Disney Frozen-style. But I have such a lovely book to share! And it only came out this year!

Backyard Fairies by Phoebe Wahl.
Alfred A. Knopf, 2018.

Phoebe Wahl is the amazing illustrator and author behind one of my favorite recent picture books, Sonya's Chickens. I could not wait to get my hands on this beautiful book.

The premise is simple. Have you ever thought you saw a little space that looked like it could be home to fairies?

Or perhaps you've seen a strange light, heard strange music, "or seen a suspicious-looking stone?"

It's a tribute to the magic of imagination, rendered in gorgeous color.

And of course, it speaks to me and the joy of fairies, fairy tales, and fairy houses.

For those looking for ideas for celebrating Fairy Day, feel free to click around on any of the hyperlinks above, or visit these lovely books on the interwebs:

And while Pinterest isn't what it used to be, I still recommend my magical boards:

Whether you celebrate or not, have a magical rest of your weekend!

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