Halloween '17, and Little Sis Turns 10

Well, Halloween is over, my spooklies - almost a week over, in fact - but I decided to post pictures anyway. It was a fun weekend. We spent Friday night at the Torchlight Tour at the Historical Museum, then Sunday the 30th, we threw a backyard bash for Little Sis. Her birthday is All Saints Day, November 1, but Nutcracker rehearsals put a kink in our plans for a unicorn party. In the end, we decided to throw another Halloween-themed costume party a few days prior to the actual date.

We prepped the front yard and the mantle earlier in the month...

I roasted and pureed two gorgeous pie pumpkins, and as she requested, made pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and a pumpkin pie. (I also cheated and made some plain white cupcakes from a mix for those folks who couldn't handle pumpkin.) We bought ice cream from Braum's: one carton of homestyle vanilla and a carton of pecan pie, which is Little Sis's favorite ice cream in the whole world.

Activities were super-easy to plan. Besides our trampoline and a tent Mr. B made from a tarp and the old swing set, we had pumpkin painting...

...and chicken-petting and feeding. (Yes, hands were washed immediately after touching the hens.)

Big Sis has decided she is too old for dress-up and trick or treating, but I convinced her to don her long black skirt and t-shirt to wear with this fabulous hat I found at the grocery store. The best $3 costume purchase I think I've ever made.

I gave Little Sis the option of blowing out candles on a cupcake or on her pie. She chose the pie.

Oh! Did I mention she was Jareth the Goblin King from Labyrinth this year? Her auntie surprised us by wearing this costume to her party last year. Little Sis loves all things Labyrinth, especially David Bowie, and begged to borrow the costume. Her uncle in DC sent her a little stuffed Ludo and the Worm. To top it off, one of her friends from school came to the party dressed as Sarah, and her awesome mom donned a headband and sign that said, "Ello!"

This Halloween was my first not trick-or-treating with my oldest baby. She stayed home with her dad, passing out the occasional bit of candy, rewatching Stranger Things, and working on school stuff. Little Sis and I braved the cold weather and headed to the College Hill neighborhood to meet her bestie and her parents. Little Sis was Jareth, of course. I borrowed her pink Japanese pigtailed wig and went as some sort of witch.

She got a lot of attention, mostly from people my age. A few folks thought she was Rod Stewart, though.

College Hill is magic on Halloween.

And ohmygoshohmygosh there was a Stranger Things house this year! Complete with an Eleven and Barb to pass out candy!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween. I'm sorry I slacked off this year. I hope to have more to share this November. Crossing fingers I'll be back on track by Advent!

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