Play With Me

Play With Me by Marie Hall Ets. Viking, 1955. Reprinted by Puffin, 1976.
Fridays are my "Volunteer Day" at my daughters' school. I make copies, cut, laminate, whatever the teachers need. The room where I do this is a small teachers' lounge, hidden in the library. Sometimes, I stop to chat with the librarian, or even take a look at the shelves. The workload is slowing down, as the end of the school year approaches. Last week, for example. I was finished, but I had a feeling one more teacher would send a bin of stuff to copy (and she did!), so while I waited, I poked around a bit.

This Caldecott Honor book was first published in 1955, the year before the school opened. While this copy is a later reprint (from the '70s), it's still pretty vintage. (Hey, it's a year older than me!) The name on the spine, Marie Hall Ets, is what caught my eye. Ets was a fairly popular children's book writer and illustrator back in the day, but most of her books are now out of print. Even her Caldecott Medal winner, Nine Days to Christmas, has fallen out of print, unless you buy it as part of a treasury (such as this one).

This adorable book is still available new, as a Puffin paperback. I'm rather in love with it, and I may need to make that purchase. It's darling and simple. A little girl tells us how she went out to the meadow to play. She stops to ask every animal she sees to play with her, but each one runs away. Finally, she sits still and silent, and before long, they all return, along with one surprise creature.

I wonder when this copy was last checked out. The cards at the front (yes, there are still cards in many of the books, although they were last used in the late '80s) only had four or five names on them.

Now if only someone would reprint Automobiles for Mice, tee hee hee.

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My Home (A Little Golden Book)

My Home (a Little Golden Book) by Reneé Bartkowski,
illustrated by ROFry. Western Publishing Company, 1971.

This is another charming Little Golden Book I found at a used bookstore. I cannot find much information about either the author or illustrator. (They can't all be Margaret Wise Brown or Garth Williams or Gustaf Tenggren, etc.) It is simply one of those sweet little books with sweet little pictures that gently makes its point: home is where you are loved.

I love the colors, and I think ROFry's nature scenes (that bee! that frog!) are beautiful.

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