Olivia the Spy

Olivia the Spy by Ian Falconer. Atheneum/Caitlyn Dlouhy Books, 2017.

My Easter present to myself was the newest Olivia book. Yes, I bought it for me. It arrived Easter Sunday, and I love it.

That stuffed Olivia? Mine, pre-children. The figurine (in Nick Jr. TV garb) is Little Sis's. Olivia is the coolest!

Olivia's mother is complaining on the phone. She is exasperated. Olivia is up to her usual Olivia stuff, like making blueberry smoothies (hahaha!) and turning the whites pink in the washing machine.

Her mother wants to take her to the ballet as a surprise, but she's worried about her behavior.

But Olivia doesn't overhear the word "ballet." She only hears that her mother wants to take her to an "institution."

So Olivia begins to spy on her parents. What kind of institution could they mean?!

Olivia is terrified.

Obviously, she learns she has jumped to conclusions. They arrive at the theatre, where her mother asks if she needs to use the restroom before the ballet begins. If you have small children, then you can guess what happens next.

And because this is an Olivia book, you can guess what happens when Olivia goes to use the restroom. (No, I didn't take a picture. You'll have to read the book yourself!)

So Olivia learns her lesson...

... and has very Olivia dreams.

This isn't my favorite Olivia book, but it's still pretty awesome!

Pssst! There's a downloadable activity sheet over on Simon & Schuster's website.

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Happy Birthday, Henrietta & Miss Prissy!

Our hens turned one today! 

Yes, I know it's goofy to celebrate, but of all our pets, they are the only ones whose birthdate I actually know! And we've had such a fun year with our chickens. We still miss Leeroy Jenkins, our beautiful rooster. We had to send him to a new home last August, as he is not allowed in city limits. (He also attacked our poor puppy dog!) Henrietta and Miss Prissy have been lovely, though. We get 10 to 12 fresh eggs a week, and they have so much personality.

Last night, we threw the girls an early birthday party! We hung some barnyard-themed garland on the coop, wore party hats - yes, Mr. B made himself into a roo for the occasion - and served oatmeal-cornbread muffins. (FYI, I left out all the sugar, added a heap of parsley, and substituted applesauce for the eggs.) Big Sis played "Happy Birthday" on her guitar, and yes, we sang to our birds.

We are weird like that.

They didn't seem to care much. I don't think they liked the muffins, either. That's okay. We had fun.

Look how much they've grown! We love our chickens.

If you follow @silvershoesrabbitholes on Instagram, you can see more chicken videos and photos. I rather like my chickies. And I know I skipped over Easter, but you can see a bit of our Easter there and on my @silvershoesrabbitholes_books Insta, too.

Thanks for indulging me! I will be back with a book tomorrow.

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