Midsummer in Kansas

Happy International Fairy Day! That post will have to wait, though....

Here is a little glimpse of last weekend's trip to Lindsborg, "Little Sweden," for their Midsummer's Festival!

This was our first Midsummer visit in a few years, and things have changed a bit. The main festivities took place at a park at the end of town. I admit, we didn't stick around very long. Last Saturday was to be the hottest day of the year, so far, and the girls really, really wanted to see Mushroom Rock State Park and Coronado Heights. We brought my Grandma this year, too, so we decided to stop in Lindsborg, make our blomkrens and see what was going on, then drive out to Mushroom Rock and Coronado Heights before the heat became too unbearable.

My grandma told us that one of her teachers promised all year to take Grandma and the other kids on a field trip to Coronado Heights, but never did. Despite growing up fairly close, she had still never been there.

Mushroom Rock State Park was almost 40 minutes out from Lindsborg and we didn't stay too long. The girls realized it's much more fun when Dad's around to boost them onto the bigger rocks!

There's a darling new toy store in Lindsborg. My grandma bought Little Sis a large stuffed tomte. Spoiled kid.

Hope you're staying comfortable this summer!

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