My Home (A Little Golden Book)

My Home (a Little Golden Book) by Reneé Bartkowski,
illustrated by ROFry. Western Publishing Company, 1971.

This is another charming Little Golden Book I found at a used bookstore. I cannot find much information about either the author or illustrator. (They can't all be Margaret Wise Brown or Garth Williams or Gustaf Tenggren, etc.) It is simply one of those sweet little books with sweet little pictures that gently makes its point: home is where you are loved.

I love the colors, and I think ROFry's nature scenes (that bee! that frog!) are beautiful.

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  1. Oh this is charming! It totally reminds me of MWB. No offense to the author ha ha. What a sweetheart of a little book!

    1. It totally aligns with the whole Bank Street School philosophy of children's books depicting everyday life. MWB and LGBs definitely subscribed to those ideas!


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