The Owl and the Pussycat and Calico Pie (A Start-Right Elf Book)

Happy National Poetry Month! I completely forgot about it, to tell you the truth. It's Holy Week, and I have Easter Sunday on the brain.

  But - !

I went to a used bookstore today. I was hoping to find an Easter book, something charming and hard to resist. I had already struck out at the library. Unfortunately, the store was a bust in that department, but I decided to go through the dollar selection of Little Golden Books. I found a few worth having, and tucked between the Goldens were a few Junior Elfs and Tell-A-Tales. I had most of those, but then I saw this! My favorite nonsense poem, and one I didn't have! (I have the later Whitman Tiny Tot Tale, though, if you recall.)

This darling little book is from 1962, and was illustrated by Irma Wilde. Poking around Amazon, I found that Wilde was a prolific illustrator and writer of children's books, especially of the inexpensive, mass-market variety. They include many Elf Books, but also some Little Golden Books and Wonder Books. In fact, Grosset & Dunlap (now a division of Penguin Random House) has re-released several Wonder Books under their G&D Vintage label, and I spied at least two with Irma Wilde's name on them.

But enough geekiness. Here is my sweet new addition. Enjoy!

The Owl and the Pussycat and Calico Pie by Edward Lear, illustrated by Irma Wilde.
A Rand McNally Start-Right Elf Book. Rand McNally & Company, 1962.

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  1. I definitely recognize the illustrator by her work! I think we had a few little elf books of hers growing up. So darling!

    1. I'm sure you did! If I start going through my collection, I'm sure I'll find some more. I love these little books!


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