In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lion

So, yeah...  Hi, Blog Land! It's been a while, right? Like, Valentine's Day or something? I wasn't intending to take such a long sabbatical, but life happens. And big projects happen. I fully intended to do my usual March round-up of Women's History Month books (I checked a few bags worth of books out from the library!), as well as something for St. Patrick's Day.

But I didn't.

Oh, wait! I did redesign the blog! I hope it's pleasant and readable. I was excited to see some new templates in Blogger, and this one seemed closest to the look I've always wanted.

March meant two things: selling Girl Scout cookies, and spring break. And spring break meant several things: tackling the girls' rooms, and trying to fit in a little fun.

The girls' rooms have been a struggle.

The top photo? We emptied all the contents of the playroom out into the living room, dining area, and family room. Then after a thorough cleaning, Mr. B broke apart the bunk beds, and the playroom became Big Sis's bedroom.

Big Sis's room coming together, and the view into the former shared bedroom/Little Sis's room.

It took all of spring break, plus another week, but we did it. I declare these rooms mostly done.

Big Sis has the smaller room, but she doesn't mind. She just doesn't have as much stuff. Her section of bunk bed broke, so we had to replace her bed with a standard bed frame. We will make or buy a headboard in the future, money permitting. There are a few more things to hang in her room, but that's about it.

She loves looking at her books. I'm not sure why my childhood suitcase is sitting on her desk. I suspect she just likes the look of it. I adore the chevron curtains I found at Target. This room is too small for both furniture and the closet doors.

Someone on Instagram asked about the baby gate. It was for keeping the dog out of the playroom. Now we can use it to keep the dog out of Little Sis's room. (She worries about her toys, having lost a few to Peanut's teeth in the past.)

Little Sis's bedroom (as well as the laundry room and family room) were additions tacked on to our little 1950s house. There was a door separating the two back bedrooms, but we removed it our first week here. (See the problem with closet doors, above.) I want to get something akin to 1960s/70s bead curtains to hang in the doorway, but those will have to wait until a future pay day.

Little Sis has too much stuff. We have several bins of toys and clothes, stickered and waiting in the garage for a future yard sale (gulp!), and there are several more bins still sitting in the dining area. Those bins will be hauled to my dad's for storage. She still has too much stuff, but we made it work. Her stuffed toys? While some live on her bed, and more live on the built-in, the rest are stuffed in multiple storage bins under her bed, or in the overhead compartment in her closet.

She loves looking at her displays. She's a bit disappointed in the fact that her room isn't the pink Paris dream she had in mind, but painting those built-ins would have added another week to this project, and even she was tired of the work. We found her Paris-themed bedding at Walmart, of all places, and it tied the colors in nicely. She loves her Target Simply Shabby Chic window shade, too. The framed poster is from an old Metropolitan Ballet of Wichita (now Ballet Wichita) performance. An old college friend gave us some beautiful vintage ballet prints, which we plan to frame and hang on either side of the poster. I have promised to get Paris-themed decals or stencils for the closet door and window cornices, someday when money and time allow.

As for the rest of March: Mr. B and I finally got new phones! My phone (an old Galaxy S4) had a bad charger port, and Mr. B was still using an old flip phone. I'm thrilled with my upgrade, especially the camera. I'm just terrible with my D-SLR. I still have a tendency to over-edit my pictures, which becomes painfully obvious when I'm trying to use them for blogging, but I'll get better. The phone also means Big Sis and I can play Pokemon Go and Neko Atsume again.

Other things we did over Spring Break and late March: the usual dance and guitar lessons, playing with our animal babies (fish, chickens, cats, dog), baking, seeing Beauty and the Beast (LOVED IT!)and Disney on Ice with my sister and her daughters, seeing some teachers play live in a band, Shamrock Shakes for St. Paddy's Day, weathering chilly thunderstorms...  My grandma got 100 boxes back from the professional cleaners - remember, her garage caught fire before Christmas, and there was smoke damage throughout her house - and Little Sis was thrilled to find a bunch of my old toys.

Little Sis sold 570 boxes of cookies (including 27 cookie shares), surpassing her goal of 500 for the first time. This means she is in the 500 Club, and gets to go to a special celebration this month! Meanwhile, Big Sis found out she got into the pre-International Baccalaureate program at our neighborhood middle school. This is her own personal equivalent of Hogwart's, tee hee. She is super-excited for next year!

While this blog has been quiet, I did try to keep up on Instagram. I hope to post about some books in the next few days (or weeks, at the rate I'm going), but I did keep my Goodreads up to date, and to a lesser extent, my "Bookstagram."

My, this was a chatty post. If I re-read it too many times, I will end up deleting it, as I can't stand to read myself, so I shall stop now.

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  1. I am so glad to know I am not the only one who hates to read herself. :-) It is painful for me to go back and read old blog posts. So I don't.

    And your pictures are all so real! With four kids in a single wide trailer at the moment.... Oh boy! We are forever rearranging and trying to fit and moving things and.... I am excited your girls each have their own space! So important at that age.

    Glad you checked in here! I need to follow you on Instagram apparently! :-)

    Oh and nice blog update--All streamlined and fresh!

    1. Thanks, I'm trying to get used to it! This is my first time commenting, and wow, even that looks different! Ha!

      Oh my, sounds like you know about crowded quarters! I really need to work on the rest of the house now. Of course, spring break is over, and I'm back to my usual chauffeuring and volunteering, so time and energy are lacking...

      And yes, I hate to read myself. Then I rely on pictures, which aren't particularly eloquent, either. Another reason I don't bother to monetize this thing, ha!

  2. Hi! The bedrooms look great! We missed out on Shamrock Shakes this year as we were in France with the in-laws and my kids were asking what countries other than Ireland do them..I said I'm pretty sure America. My husband had a 2001 phone til a year or two ago, it wasnt a flip one, just a small brick. I must follow you on instagram too! New book discoveries here are Pharaohs Fate, Leonardo beautiful dreamer and the nat geo Egyptian mythology book.

    1. Oh yes, and this year, they added Chocolate Shamrock Shakes, and Shamrock Mochas, too. I did have a chocolate shake, and I must admit, it was tasty. It's seriously the only time of year I'll have a McDonald's shake. Are you on Instagram??? What username?

      I have been reading Kelly Barnhill's middle grade stuff. I checked out The Girl Who Drank The Moon, this year's Newbery winner, and just loved it. I had just read a streak of books geared toward teens and adults that made me angry - bad writing or annoying characters or all of the above. So now I'm working backwards through her catalog. I want to buy them for the girls. My oldest is reading The Mysterious Benedict Society series - she just started book 2 - and my youngest is slowly slogging through the first Harry Potter book (or so she says).


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