Raggedy Ann: A Thank You, Please, and I Love You Book

Raggedy Ann: A Thank You, Please, and I Love You Book by Norah Smaridge,
illustrated by June Goldsborough. Golden Press, 1970. (This edition, 1978.)
 Characters created by Johnny Gruelle.

Stop me if you think I've blogged about this one before.

Okay, don't stop me.

Because I know I've blogged this one before, a long time ago, the weekend of Little's Sis's 5th birthday party. I read it to her friends at that party. The book was mine, when I was even younger than that. I loved it sooooo much. 

You see, I wanted very much to blog about something today, Valentine's Day, but I don't have any new books that fit the theme, and I don't feel like walking you through the Valentine boxes I crafted for school, especially since they were inspired by much more complicated projects I found on Pinterest. (You can see ours on Instagram, if you would like.)

So here I am, with shadowy pictures of a charming oversized Golden Book from the 1970s. I hope you enjoy.

Isn't it sweet? Aren't the colors gorgeous? It actually reminds me of the house I lived in when I was very, very young. We had brown, orange, and gold flower-print wallpaper in the kitchen, and I wore a lot of primary colors.

When we moved to our next house, we had a white rotary wall phone, much like Andy's. Our appliances were Harvest Gold! Sadly, that was in 1981, so we may have been a little behind on the times.

This is my favorite picture in the whole book.

My great-grandparents in Oklahoma had a Siamese cat. I always thought she somehow made it into this book.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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  1. 'Ello! Just discovered you today (and why, universe? She and I've both been around awhile!) and spent the better part of an hour going through ONDM posts. Then I got to the end of those and realize there are plenty of non-ONDM posts that still are ONDM-esque (TWO The Worms for Christmas!!) so I looked around a bit. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!! I have precious little of my old stuff, and because it's so little it's extremely precious. I do have my second Ann. The first one was frayed to shreds with love. This one is almost pristine because I was old enough to understand how shredding happens and loved her enough to want to avoid it. Brush-a-Love almost mint as well. Both My Child-ren have hopeless hair. My Nina looks like she slept wrapped in newsprint (she didn't) but my Angie looks right out of the box; her face is wrinkled but she came like that. I HAVE A BOX OF DIAPERS. Cabbages okay, except poor Seth who was handed down to a nephew to help prepare him for his little sister. Said sister has loved him to first-Ann condition.

    Pound Puppies and Purries who weren't handed down look as loved as they were. Care Bear held up very well, considering. Snork a little worn, we can wrap his snorkel around things so he hangs. He was given to me because he wrapped very nicely around an IV stand! :) And various others... wow, I've got more than I thought!! I look on eBay when I'm feeling nostalgic and wish I'd kept more, and occasionally contemplate a bid, but I don't have space to store/display more than I've got.

    1. Hmmm, can't comment with my WordPress account (which I actually use)! Can read with it, just can't comment, even though drop-down offers it as an option. https://en.gravatar.com/daffymaiden

    2. My grandmother is responsible for preserving much of my sister's and my stuff. We each had spare guest bedrooms in her house, and she has that Great Depression survivor's habit of saving everything. My daughters (especially my youngest) like to "shopping" at Great-Grandma's. Unfortunately, her car caught fire in her garage before Christmas, and the house filled with smoke. Anything still at her house is undergoing cleaning and restoration. I won't know for some time how much was salvageable.

      Fortunately, the girls had saved already saved a lot of my Cabbage Patch Kids and dolls. Some of our vintage toys are antique store or eBay purchases. I only had one Strawberry Shortcake toy as a child (Mint Tulip), and she's long gone, but I got the girls several original '80s Strawberry Shortcake dolls for Valentine's Day when they were little. My Herself the Elf doll was lost long ago, but I always liked her, and got a "new" one for my daughters. My youngest loves old dolls and toys, which I've blogged about (or let her blog about) many times, including many dolls that were before my time.

    3. Oh gosh!! Is she okay? Everyone else in the house get out okay?

    4. NOW Sarah and Jareth show up! I was trying to get them to yesterday and no mater what I did, they wouldn't.

    5. She is fine! She has five cats and they are fine, too! The fire was contained to the garage, but the smoke is a problem. It will take some months before she can move back in, but she is okay!

      Labyrinth is the best.

    6. Thank goodness they all got out!


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