The Secret Garden (Little Golden Book)

The Secret Garden (A Little Golden Book) by Frances Gilbert, based on the novel by
Frances Hodgson Burnett, illustrated by Brigette Barrager. Golden Books, 2017.

I ordered a book for myself this week! Yes, it's a Little Golden Book. It will sit proudly on my old cast-off LGB spinner rack.

(Because deep down, I am still a small child.)

The girls and I love Brigette Barrager's illustrations. Little Sis, my unicorn-loving artist, especially adores Uni the Unicorn and Florabelle. Meanwhile, I have a soft spot for The Secret Garden, Frances Hodgson Burnett's novel about surly, spoiled Mary, newly orphaned in India, sent to live at her uncle's Yorkshire estate. A mysterious uncle, a boy who talks to animals, a sickly cousin, a secret garden?! It's been a favorite of mine since I was 10 years old.

So when Brigette Barrager began posting illustrations from a new Little Golden Book version of The Secret Garden on her Instagram, I raced to the computer to pre-order it!

Storywise, most of the main plot points of the novel are there. We meet Mary on a boat bound for England. (As it is a book meant for small children, the nastier aspects of Mary's life in colonial India are omitted.)

(I love Mary's surly face!)

I took a few pics with my cell phone today, planning to post some on Instagram. Strangely, after I finished (but before I posted), I took a time-out to flip through the channels on SlingTV. Landing on TCM, what should be on but the 1949 B&W movie version, starring Margaret O'Brien as Mary and Dean Stockwell as Colin! It made for a nice distraction for the afternoon. Between headaches, grey but snowless weather, and sickening politics, cozying up for a movie with a couple of cats and my dog was just what I needed!

(I need a new camera lens, stat. The book is much prettier than my humble photos make it out to be.)

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  1. Oh D this is BEAUTIFUL! Beautiful!!!! Love the art so much, I was wondering why the art style looked familiar. What fun to have seen that on TV - I've never seen! Sickening politics indeed. Wish we were neighbors so we could have watched that movie together and eaten too much chocolate. There isn't enough chocolate or carbs for me to make it the next 4 years ha ha ha. Oh that last shot of the book - seriously gorgeous!!!

    1. Yesterday, I kept scrolling through Twitter, my feed alternating between rogue government accounts and the St. Louis Manifest tweets of all the names of Jewish refugees denied entry to the US in 1939, who went back to Europe to die. I couldn't look away. I have some books checked out for Lunar New Year that I should blog today, and I wanted to do a Kansas Day post tomorrow, but it's so hard. Everything feels very trivial right now.

      However, I really want some Chinese food today. The books are making me hungry, and it's still 10 in the morning.

      And YES, isn't this book beautiful?! God bless Little Golden Books. Little bits of happy, right?


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