The Christmas Cake in Search of Its Owner (Part One)

The Christmas Cake in Search of Its Owner by Roger Duvoisin.
American Artists Group, 1941.

I found this very small hardcover at an antique mall over the summer. Of course, I have a fondness for all things Roger Duvoisin, and it's a Christmas book to boot! It isn't in the best condition, and the pages are thin. The illustrations are black and white. Well, green and white, to be honest. It's a strange, charming little story, the kind you seldom find in modern picture books. American Artists Group, from what I can tell, is a greeting card company. I know Duvoisin was affiliated with them, and they published gift books. That's probably why I cannot seem to find any listings for editions other than this 1941 printing.

As it is very out of print, I wanted to share the whole thing with you. Because of its condition, I photographed the book. I wouldn't want to ruin the binding via the scanner.

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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