The Wizard of Oz (Auzou, 2016)

The Wizard of Oz, adapted from the novel by L. Frank Baum by Anouk Filippini, illustrated by Elodie Coudray. French-language, Anouk, 2014. English translation by Susan Allen Maurin, Auzou, 2016.

I have a beautiful new Wizard of Oz picture book to show you! It's a simplified version of the original novel, originally published in France two years ago. The girls and I loved the sweet, modern illustrations. After all, we've read so many editions of the stories - it's always fun to see a new take!

We get a lovely illustration of the old yet beautiful Good Witch of the North.

While the vicious Kalidahs do show up in the story, there is no illustration. Bummer.

Filippini's text doesn't really mention the green spectacles, but Coudray works them into the art. Love it!

After Dorothy misses her ride, the Wizard calls to her to see Glinda, the Good Witch of the South. From there, the story jumps to the end. We don't actually see the visit with Glinda, let alone the journey to Quadling Country. (Too bad. I would have loved to see Coudray's china people!) The last page is a lovely illustration of Dorothy jumping through a rainbow, back to the farm.

While many story elements are left out, it is more faithful to the original book than the MGM movie. If you're looking for a simplified version for younger children, or if you're an Oz-crazy collector like me, it's a fine book! We checked this one out from the library, but I may add it to our Christmas wish list...

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  1. this is gorrrrrrrrgeous! that is some cool art. love that folks are still finding inspiration from this story and putting their own spin on it!!

    1. Right?! I love little Dorothy in her overalls, especially with those green specs! 😁

  2. Hi I've recently found your blog and I've enjoyed reading many of your old posts - especially the ones about Oz and Alice. I thought I was about the only one in the world who knew about and had read ALL of Oz books - so it's been a pleasant surprise to find another Oz lover! I have not yet seen this version of the Wizard of Oz, but I like the illustrations. Have you ever seen the incredible pop up version of the Wizard of Oz by Robert Sabuda? It's my favorite picture book version. I have loved the whole Oz series since I was a little girl visiting my grandparents. My grandmother had old copies of many of the books that had been her books when she was a girl in the 1930's and she have these books to me. This started my love affair with Oz and with old books.

    1. That's awesome! And I LOVE the Sabuda pop-up! It's beautiful. We don't own a copy yet - I'm not not sure why.

      I wish I'd read the books as a child. At least my daughters are growing up with them. We need to finish The Magic of Oz, then the only Baum Oz books we'll have left will be Glinda of Oz and Little Wizard Stories. (I read them to my oldest when she was tiny, but she doesn't really remember them from the first go-round.)


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