Thankful Thursday

Sorry, I have so many books to blog about, and so many posts unfinished, because of poor photos. So here is another Thankful Thursday. We have lots of things for which we are thankful, but only a few bad Instagram pictures. That's okay.

Big Sis is thankful for...

Little Sis is thankful for...

And I'm thankful for...

... and everything they said, too. (Well, not for myself, but for Little Sis wanting to play Cyndi Lauper for a day, sure.)

Big Sis's magazine scores are Kazoo and New Moon Girls. The latter is an old favorite we haven't been able to find in our favorite indie store for some time. The former is new. Pop Star Day was part of Spirit Week. Little Sis insisted on either Cyndi Lauper in the "True Colors" video or David Bowie. I taped strips of newspaper to one of her poofier skirts and called it good. Today was Sports Day. Big Sis borrowed my Packers shirt, because it's comfy. Little Sis wore a velvet dance costume with leggings and a plastic Olympic-style medal and said she was a figure skater.  That's my girl.

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    1. Haha, thanks! Packing tape on a regular skirt. None of the other kids knew who she was, but some of the teachers got it!


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