Thankful Thursday

It's November, and sometimes in November, I devote my Thursdays to little things for which I'm thankful. I forgot last week. This week has been hard. The girls and I decided to round up a few of those little things tonight. Just a few things. xoxo

I'll start. I'm thankful for these two beautiful girls. My daughters, someday you will make big things happen. You will bring the change we need in this world, I can feel it.

And I am thankful for this man, who works his butt off and loves us so very much. He is quite the "chick magnet," as you can see.

At this moment, my oldest kitty and the newest Alice Hoffman book are beside me, on the couch. The book opens with a quote from Leonard Cohen's "Anthem," so it seems especially fitting tonight. R.I.P. Leonard Cohen. I am grateful for your words and music.

Big Sis is next. She is thankful for our fireplace (and for her daddy for tending it).

She is grateful for her guitar and for music.

And her dog and favorite kitty.

Little Sis is thankful for fresh eggs from our hens.

Little Sis is always thankful for art supplies.

And cozy unicorn pajamas. Of course.

And we're all thankful for beautiful autumn & winter Kansas sunsets, the kind we see on the way to dance class after daylight savings time has finally ended.

I wish everyone peace and kindness and love. Please extend the same to others, especially those who are vulnerable and afraid.

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  1. this was beautiful. thank you my friend, for lifting spirits with your lovely words.

  2. Always thankful for the small things. Love your post, thank you so much.

    1. Thank you, dear Georgia. Hope all is well with you and your littles.


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