Little Sis Tuesday: Barbie for President

Nine-year-old Little Sis wanted a Little Sis Tuesday to show off her new President/Vice-President Barbie, a gift from her great-grandma for her birthday. Election Day seems like the perfect time to do it! She doesn't actually want to say anything, though. She just wants me to post this photo collage she made for Instagram. Oh, well. By the way, I voted early (last Thursday), and because she was out of school for a dentist appointment, Little Sis went with me! I asked if she wanted to touch the screen to help me cast my vote for President, but she was too shy to do so. I think she was proud to be there, though. If you're a United States citizen and still need to vote, please VOTE TODAY. Make your voice heard! I know my voice will be drowned out in this state, but it doesn't mean I won't try! - Danzel

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  1. My kids went with us to vote as well! They love seeing the whole process. Voting is so important!! Even though I am with you in feeling that my vote is drowned out in my state, I STILL like to know my vote is included in the popular vote count. Sometimes I feel like moving to Ohio/Virginia/Florida so I can feel like I am truly choosing the president. :-)

    Tell Little Sis I think her president and vice-president Barbies are fabulous!!

  2. oh this is is SO CUTE!!! love it! and love that your girl got to be part of the process with you......


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