Gorgeous New Fall Picture Books

Fall is officially kicking into gear here in south-central Kansas, so it's time for beautiful fall picture books! I've seen several new books this year, but these are the two my library had on hand. Lucky for us, they are both gorgeous, and worthy additions to any home collection.

Bella's Fall Coat by Lynn Plourde, illustrated by Susan Gal.
Disney Hyperion, 2016.

First of all, check out these endpapers! I am such a sucker for beautiful endpapers.

This book is so sweet. Little Bella is so excited to go outside and play. Her Grams tries to tell her that her coat is too small. "No, Grams. This coat is my favorite. You made it for me, and I want to wear it forever!"

Grams tries to say something more, but Bella is already out the door! First, she plays in the lovely fall leaves, bringing some to her Grams, who helps her preserve them with an iron and wax paper.

Grams tries to talk to her again about her coat, but Bella runs outside, this time to pick apples. She brings some to Grams, who makes an apple tart. Once more, Grams brings up the coat, but again, Bella whooshes out the door, this time to "fly" with the geese.

Oops! Flapping her arms leads to a torn coat. Bella begs her Grams to mend it. Grams puts her to bed.

While Bella sleeps, Grams begins to sew. She is not fixing Bella's too-small coat, however.

When Bella wakes, it is snowing! She begs to go play, but first, did Grams fix her coat?

Bella's new coat is beautiful. She wants to wear it forever.

And what about her old coat? Go find a copy of this book! Lynn Plourde's story is a warm, sweet, cozy read. Lovely orange and red autumn jumps off the pages, thanks to Susan Gal's beautiful illustrations. So well done.

When I was little, the red and orange leaves were so special to behold. Kansas is not known for its spectacular foliage. There are trees, don't get me wrong, but here on the prairie, forests are not exactly plentiful. Yellow and brown leaves were always more common.

Now that I'm older, I appreciate the lovely yellow more. And that brings us to another new fall picture book, with a slightly different color palette.

Yellow Time by Lauren Stringer. Beach Lane Books (an imprint of Simon & Schuster), 2016.

Happy dance! More fabulous endpapers!

This book is a celebration of everything autumn brings to the world outdoors: busy squirrels hoarding for the winter, migrating geese, happy crows, new smells.

"Everywhere fills with yellow. A symphony of yellow."

I love the details in the pictures, like the books in the wagon as the children gather leaves.

The children in this story preserve their leaves as well, this time between the pages of a thick, heavy book.

Lauren Stringer's text poetically illustrates everything special about the fall outdoors, just as well as her beautiful art. I want to hang some of the illustrations on the wall. That circle of children, for instance.

Today, while taking the girls to school, I spotted a few yellow leaves in trees. In a week or two, I hope to see more!

Any leaves changing yet in your neck of the woods? Do you save leaves in the fall, for crafts or just to preserve them? I have a Pinterest board called "Autumn Kids' Crafts & Stuff," as well as one called "Autumntime." Just in case you're interested!

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  1. It's just starting to smell like Autumn here. Looking forward to some chilly days. Lovely books!!

    1. It's warm and humid here today - we had overnight storms. But there were yellow leaves on my car this morning, blown over from my neighbors' tree! Big Sis always said autumn was her favorite, because of the smells. xoxo

  2. I have been wanting to see these books! Thanks for the peek at them. Will have to get my hands on them.

    1. They are both wonderful! I'm very pleased. I needed some new fall books in my life.


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