Birdie's Happiest Halloween

Birdie's Happiest Halloween by Sujean Rim. Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, 2016. 

Little Sis was so excited to find this one at the library! Long ago, my mother bought her the very first Birdie book. Birdie's Big Girl Shoes was the perfect book for my shoe-obsessed, dare I say, shoe-stealing 2-year-old. There have been other books in the series, but this is the first one to really grab her since the original.

Let us take a moment to applaud these sweet endpapers. I love lovely endpapers.

This is a simple book. Birdie loves fall, as so many of us do. She loves jumping in the leaves, picking apples, and wearing fuzzy sweaters. "But Birdie's most favorite thing about fall was HALLOWEEN!"

Birdie cannot decide on a costume this year. All of her friends know exactly what they want to be.

Even Birdie's dog, Monster, has some ideas. (CUTE!)

Birdie asks her Mommy if they can visit the museum. She hopes she might get an idea from the exhibits. There are so many awesome historical figures. Should she be an astronaut? Physicist? Supreme Court justice? First lady?

Then, on Halloween night, she surprises everyone. Why be First Lady...

when you can be President?

I love it! Little Sis loves it, too, having gone the historical figure route herself in the past. This year, she is going to be a zombie ballerina again. (No word on her sister yet.)

One more week! Happy October!

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  1. I LOVE IT! How darling. Love the message! Can't wait to see pix of the costumes!!!

    1. The oldest disagrees with her parents. She wants to be something HP-related - probably Luna Lovegood - while we want her to be Abby Sciuto from NCIS. (She watched it a lot with her dad this summer.)


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