A Vampire Is Coming To Dinner! 10 Rules to Follow

A Vampire is Coming to Dinner! 10 Rules to Follow by Pamela Jane, illustrated by Pedro Rodriguez. Price Stern Sloan/Penguin Group USA, 2010.

Mr. B cleaned our bedroom this week. Little Sis likes to relax in there when she doesn't like what we're watching on TV (football, Veronica Mars, etc.), and her favorite pastime is to draw. Under mountains of papers and sketchbooks, he unearthed this book, a favorite from when the girls were little. It's one of those cute, inexpensive holiday titles, but when I saw it new at the bookstore, it was one I just had to buy.

It's about the size of a board book. The premise is very simple: a vampire has invited himself to dinner! There are 10 rules of vampire etiquette. When you unfold the page, you see the little boy doing the exact opposite of each rule. It's cute and silly, and the illustrations are fabulous, which is probably why Little Sis had it among her art supplies. Unfortunately, this little book is out-of-print, although used copies are very cheap via Amazon.

The last rule involves letting the vampire nap. When you open to the last page, there's a surprise -

Yes! An adorable pop-up!

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  1. This looks like a fun one for storytime! Might have to see if I can get one before Halloween.... :-)

    1. It's cute and well-illustrated, but small and gimmicky. I wasn't surprised to find it was out-of-print, but we always loved it. ❤

  2. THIS IS SO DARN CUTE! Also I have this mental visual now of your daughter with piles of papers and sketchbooks.....I think that's the cutest thing ever! My daughter has piles in her room too - GUM WRAPPERS.

    1. Um, we developed an ant problem overnight, because of saltwater taffy wrappers being left under the built-in in the girls' bedroom.

      It's the paper. Tons and tons of paper. Trying to save the best of the paper, because I have no system. There are drawers and folders,but she prefers to leave her papers all over the house.

      And pens. She has her own colored pencils, crayons, charcoals, paints, but we can never find a single ink pen, because she never puts them away.


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