Turning 11

It's been an eventful first month of school! Big Sis turned eleven on September 6. She decided last year that her 10th birthday party would be her last, at least for a while. This year, she wanted three things: to have a nice dinner with our Wichita family, visit my mom in Oklahoma, and to go to an amusement park. We wound up celebrating for two whole weeks!

It began two days before her actual birthday, with dinner at a favorite pizza place, then cake and presents at home.

She requested a rosemary-lavender cake, no icing. I found a recipe online that fit the bill perfectly. I made the pinwheels to dress it up a bit.

Harry Potter reigned supreme, but she got also received a great stack of books, a ton of earrings, a Peanuts DVD collection, and the Gilmore Girls soundtrack!

On Labor Day, we met my sister and nieces at the zoo. Both my camera battery and phone died an hour into the trip, so I missed out on photographing the month-old baby gorilla (sooooo cute!) and the new elephant habitat.

She returned to school after the long weekend on her actual birthday. (So unfair!) I made homemade vanilla cupcakes and brought them to her class.

Here is a very Harry outfit. She used birthday money to order the t-shirt, the Hot Topic Gryffindor cardigan came courtesy of her uncles, and the Gryffindor knapsack was from my sister.

Paying tribute to her mother when she was in the fifth grade, Big Sis finally read my all-time favorite book. Despite the fact we own no fewer than three copies, she still insisted on checking out a copy from school. The very copy, in fact, that I first read back in fifth grade. (She started A Wind in the Door, but has been distracted by another amazing book that I will tell you about tomorrow.)

That weekend, after Saturday morning dance classes were over, we drove down to Oklahoma to visit my mother and family. Ma made some gorgeous roasted vegetables, a lemon birthday cake for Big Sis, and the next day, homemade hummus. We didn't do much besides chill at their house, but on the way home, we did veer off onto Route 66 to visit Pops and the Arcadia Round Barn. (Ma and my brother met us there.)

Our sodas of choice. Nothing disgusting this time! The pumpkin pie soda was delicious, and the Hillary Hooch was grape-y.

We listened to more A Series of Unfortunate Events on audio, but the girls also entertained themselves with photos.

Big Sis used my Canon Rebel to shoot pictures from the backseat.

Little Sis loves the new PicMonkey app. She really, really loves it, in fact.

Another week went by, and we finished out the birthday celebration at the Kansas State Fair.

I can't believe my oldest baby is eleven, and in her last year of grade school. She says she wants to stop at eleven. Middle school and the teenage years don't sound like much fun. This is a song we used to listen to when she was tiny. Eleven seemed so far away back then.

Between PTO stuff, a weekly field trip, birthdays and traveling, I just haven't been in the mood for blogging. My photo skills make me sad, and I haven't felt like I have much to offer here. But the weather has cooled, and I have a stack of books to check out at the library, just in time for my annual October fall and Halloween fun fest, so I hope to be back to normal soon!

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  1. Whew! A lot going on! Looks like a fun busy! :-)

    1. Sometimes fun, sometimes CRAZY. It's a bit quieter now, but October should be interesting. ;)


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