Fuddles and Puddles

Seriously. Mabel would not leave me alone. 

Happy Fall to all my fellow Northern Hemisphere-ans! It's taken a bit for our Kansas weather to catch up, but we are in the midst of some lovely fall-like temperatures. I apologize for my long absence. (Over a month - gulp!) I hope to share more tomorrow, but for now, I have a book!

Fuddles and Puddles by Frans Vischer.
Aladdin (an imprint of Simon & Schuster), 2016.

Fuddles and Puddles is the third book in the Fuddles the Cat series of picture books by artist and animator Frans Vischer. I received a review copy from the publisher, and it is pretty adorable.

(My photos are not so adorable. This is one of the reasons I haven't been blogging lately. My apologies. Please bear with me.)

Fuddles is being his fat, pampered self, dreaming a "delicious dream," when he startles awake. Something is amiss.

He heads to his food bowl. There is a fresh puddle by the bowl...

The family names the new puppy Puddles. Fuddles is not impressed.

Everywhere Fuddles went...

Side note: we had to put up baby gates to block our dog Peanut from getting to the litter boxes, for grosser reasons than depicted here.

Fuddles's only respite from the dog is outdoors.

Finally, things come to a head, and poor Puddles learns to stay away from Fuddles.

Then one day, when Fuddles reaches up a tree to grab an avocado off a branch...

Lucky for Fuddles, Puddles hears his cries and comes a-running. You can guess how the story ends.

It's a simple story, and not exactly surprising, but Fuddles's girth and lazy attitude is always amusing. Any cat lover will find him charming. 

We definitely see a bit of our fat, bratty Mabel in him. 

As noted above, the review copy came from the publisher, but all opinions are my own.

Fuddles and Puddles is available as of today! 

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