Little Sis Tuesday: Super Chickie (a comic)

It's time for Little Sis Tuesday again, when my 8 1/2-year-old takes over the blog. Tonight, she wants to share a comic strip she created, inspired by our pet chickens! I helped her type it (and fix the spelling) so it makes sense, but the words are all hers, even "Author's Note," hee hee. - Danzel

Evil was there.

Peep peep. It's Super Chickie! She sees the chicken signal. Oh, no! FEET.

"PEEEEEP!" Translation: "Nooooo!"

Peep. Pow. Peep.

Yay!  Woo hoo! Peep pow!


More feet.

"A baby!"



Author's Note: This is based on my real chickies. Their names are Prissy, Henrietta, and Leeroy. Prissy's Super Chickie, because I wanted her to be Super Chickie. She's the one looking straight at the camera, down front.

I only have one Little Sis Tuesday left. I'll give you a hint. BIG EYES.


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