Little Sis Tuesday: My Friend Dolls Go Camping

It's time for Little Sis Tuesday, when I turn the blog over to my 8 1/2-year-old. This week, Little Sis borrowed my Samsung Galaxy to photograph three of our Fisher Price "My Friend" dolls: Mandy, Jenny, and Becky. I guess they rented a cabin at a campground. Lucky them! I helped her edit the photos using the PicsArt app. All words and photos are by Little Sis. - Danzel

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  1. SO SO CUTE!!!!! I've got to show Julia, she will loooove this! We saw a video recently that was a video of American Girl dolls, in some little drama over who got to be the queen, it was HILARIOUS, you guys need to go search for it on YouTube!

    1. We found so many videos featuring American Girl dolls with the word "queen" in the title. Oh my gosh. So much to watch! - Danzel

      "Thank you for the compliment!" - Little Sis


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