Little Sis Tuesday: Little Miss No Name Is The Cutest Doll In The World!!!

It's time for the last Little Sis Tuesday of the summer. Once more, I turn the blog over to my 8 1/2-year-old, who has taken some pictures of one of her favorite dolls to share with you today. She used both my Canon Rebel camera and Samsung Galaxy phone, then I helped her a bit with editing. All words are hers! I fixed spelling and punctuation, and added a few links. - Danzel


I got Little Miss No Name for my 6th birthday. I wanted her for 2 years before I got her. My mom and I found her when we were looking up old Blythe dolls on the internet one day. Old dolls are cool, especially when they have big eyes. Everyone says I have big eyes, too, except mine are blue and hers are brown.

She used to come with a tear, but when I got her, it was glued on with icky glue. My mom scraped it off before she gave it to me. I wish I could get a replacement tear.

That's it. That's all I want to say.

And she's outta here, folks. Oh, well. I hope you enjoyed her posts this month. She loved making them. - Danzel

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