Little Sis Tuesday: Herself the Elf

Hi, dear readers! Remember Little Sis Tuesdays? Last summer, I let my youngest take over the blog every Tuesday. We decided to cut back a bit this year. She will take over Tuesdays this month only, beginning today! Little Sis is 8 1/2 now. She used my phone to take pictures. I edited her spelling and punctuation, and added the links, but otherwise, this post is hers!  - Danzel

The Herself the Elf Storybook. Adapted by Lisa Norby, using artwork from  the "Herself the Elf" television special. Scholastic / American Greetings, 1983.

Hi, Mom's readers. I wanted to show you my Herself the Elf doll and book. My mommy got us the doll for Valentine's Day a long time ago and I bought the book at Book-a-holic.

My mommy had this doll when she was little, but she doesn't know what happened to it. I wish I had all of them. They're very cute. My doll lives with our vintage Strawberry Shortcake dolls.

This is one of the bad guys. Her name is Creeping Ivy.

My mom sings part of a song that came on a tape she had. We found a show on YouTube, but that song isn't on it.

Here is the YouTube video Mom found. It's the same story as the book. [Note from Danzel: the song she was talking about came from some read-along stories on tape. There are three audio-only stories on this playlist that end with the song, if you're interested.]

Ghost of the Doll has a nice page of Herself the Elf information, if you want to see more. I always loved my doll and books, and would have loved to have had the whole collection when I was little. I liked them more than Strawberry Shortcake, but they never were as popular. Thanks, Little Sis, for showing them off today! - Danzel

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  1. Didn't know about her! Great doll and book, thanks for sharing!!

  2. Super post! I didn't know about Herself the Elf either! Will have to check it out. Great job with the pictures, Little Sis! :-)


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