A Little "Mad Tea Party" Inspiration

Saturday is Mad Tea Party time! For inspiration, we re-checked out a couple of fabulous books.

 Taking Tea With Alice by Dawn Hylton Gottlieb and Diane Sedo (Warner Books, 1997) is about planning the perfect Victorian tea party. There are several Alice-inspired parties (Tea with the Mad Hatter, Tea in the Garden, and a Nursery Tea), as well as ideas for Valentine's Day, Midsummer, and Christmas. It's a favorite book that I turned to when planning both girls' Alice-inspired birthday parties.

Mushroom Meringues!!!

The other book is The Art of Alice in Wonderland by Stephanie Lovett Stoffel (Smithmark, 1998), and it is basically a collection of Alice illustrations. I just like to thumb through it. It's larger than All Things Alice, which I own, but with fewer pages. In other words, it's less overwhelming!

Illustration by Blanche McManus, 1899

Illustration by Figueiredo Sobral, Portugal, 1960

1940s magazine ad for Philco refrigerators

We're braving the heat to plan a sweet little MAD tea party! Be sure to stop by this Saturday!

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  1. So wonderful, the graphics and pictures are awesome here! Great tea party! Visit my blog for my tea party at http://theonesixthscaledollhouse.blogspot.com
    Thank you- Lisa

  2. I am such a book geek. I love this post.

    1. Thank you! Books (especially children's books) are the main focus around here.

  3. Replies
    1. You'd love the tea party book. It's so sweet.

      I definitely want to find some of the beautiful old copies of Alice in the art book.


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