Summer To-Do List 2016

Hello, friends! It's already June 3rd, and once again, I missed my blogoversary. Happy Birthday, Little Bloggy! You turned four on May 31st.

My poor house is in complete disarray. We are trying to get the girls' bedroom and playroom in order, and the mess has bled to the living room and family room. My porch and backyard are taking a backseat, too, which makes me sad. Tonight is the first night of Big Sis's dance recital. She has three performances. I am missing my last non-tech rehearsal for A Midsummer Night's Dream to be there.

I haven't blogged this week save this post, but if you have Instagram, I've been somewhat more active there. To see what we're reading, follow @silvershoesrabbitholes_books, and to see more of a mix of stuff, there's my main account @silvershoesrabbitholes.

Otherwise, here is my summer to-do list. The top photo is of some beautiful rainbow carrots I picked up at the grocery store. Eating better and growing some veggies is a summer goal! The rest is as follows.

1. Get through Big Sis's recital ("Over the Rainbow" - !!!), and start summer dance classes. I'll also start volunteering in the office once a week.

2. Open A Midsummer Night's Dream in the parks next week!

3. See Ballet Wichita's Ballet in the Park production of Alice in Wonderland. Due to my Midsummer schedule, that will mean seeing it outside of Wichita.

4. Figure out if we can make it to Lindsborg for Midsummer Festival and possible visit Coronado Heights and Mushroom Rock State Park, and still make it back in time for my niece's Little House on the Prairie birthday party. I am so hoping this might work out.

5. Celebrate Fairy Day - I hope we might even have a fairy house by then, but I doubt it.

6. Go to a Wichita Wingnuts game.

7. Go to the drive-in! (One of my favorite 4th of Julys ever.)

8. Go to an amusement park. We're considering an August trip to Silver Dollar City in Branson, but we might do Worlds of Fun in KC or Frontier City in OKC instead.

9. Go to the Celebrate America event at Old Cowtown. It went away for a few years, but it returns in July.

11. Getting my summer porch in order.

12. Collecting fireflies! Getting out the telescope and skywatching, too.

13. Lazy reading days. The girls signed up for the summer reading program at the library. All the logs are kept online this year.

14. We have chicks! I plan on posting more about them next week. I'm afraid the dark one is definitely a little rooster, and we'll have to bid him farewell, as roos are not allowed in city limits. Too bad, too, because he and my husband have become quite attached.

15. Dress-up fun, just because.

16. Make stuff. Little Sis made a see-saw with her daddy last night. She used pieces she found from other projects. She first put them together with bungee cord in a way I thought was brilliant, but Daddy taught her to use a drill and a hammer. He said she did much of the work herself, with his supervision.

17. Play at the parks. We hung out at OJ Watson Park with my sister last weekend, and it was a great time. I promised Little Sis a pedal boat ride next time.

18. Movies! We want to see Finding Dory, The BFG, and The Secret Life of Pets. Mr. B still wants to take the girls to see Captain America: Civil War and The Jungle Book. We did see Alice Through the Looking Glass, which I actually enjoyed. (I can't stand the first one.) Lately, I've enjoyed seeing older movies at the Orpheum and the Palace, and there are some great ones coming up at both locations, plus the Warren Old Town. The girls and I saw Labyrinth (twice), My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, and Legend recently, and Big Sis and I saw Pretty in Pink. (Turns out, my hair is just the right length to really rock a side ponytail.)

19. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child rehearsal script Midnight Release Party!!!!

20. Turn 29 in August. (No, not really. Add a decade to that.)

We're also considering trips to the Amelia Earhart Festival in Atchison, a day trip to Council Grove (Hays House!), and there is always live theater to see! Tonight is also the start of the Wichita River Festival and I was super-excited to go see some concerts, but Big Sis's recital and my own play have killed any chance of that. The zoo is also hosting Twilight Tuesdays in July, with free admission in the evening.

Some of this stuff may happen, some of it won't, but here's to a happy summer for all! (And if you're south of the equator, happy winter! That's my favorite time of the year, you know.)

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  1. Happy blogoversary! (right spelling?) My boys have been having a studio ghibli phase too. Check out Poppy Hill - the food looks delicious! I'm off now to check out your instagram.

    1. Oh, hey, I don't know the correct spelling! I just winged it. ;)

      I haven't seen Poppy Hill! I see that GKids was the US distributor and they put a lot of their stuff on Netflix and Amazon and stuff for streaming, so I'm off to check the Roku now.

  2. aaaaah i love this! I don't even know how old my blog is anymore - i think it began when J was in kinder OH MY WORD. What's Poppy Hill???? Is that a Miyazaki I haven't seen??? I love this list! I need to sit down and organize our summer as well. I'm totally clueless about what we're doing!

    1. From Up On Poppy Hill, co-written by Hayao Miyazaki, and directed by his son. It isn't streaming anywhere, sadly, but I just requested the Blu-Ray from the library! :) I have a gazillion things on hold or request right now, so what's one more?

      I still feel like we're at a stand-still until this house is organized, but we have a goal now. It must be ready by Friday, because Big Sis's best friend is in town - she moved to Texas last year - and we okayed a sleepover!


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