The Goblins of Labyrinth

The Goblins of Labyrinth by Brian Froud and Terry Jones.
20th Anniversary Edition, Abrams, 2006.

This June marks the 30th anniversary of Jim Henson's Labyrinth. Which makes me feel old. I saw it three times in the theater as a kid - once with my dad, once with my mom, and once with a bunch of kids for my 9th birthday - and countless times on video. My nostalgia for the 1980s is very weird and selective, but the decade did produce some of the best fantasy films. And Labyrinth is one of my favorites.

The Goblins of Labyrinth was first published in conjunction with the movie, back in 1986. Ten years ago, a beautiful 20th anniversary hardcover was released. I should have bought this book when I first saw it at the bookstore. (Employee discount would have come in handy!) However, I had just had a baby and was adjusting to only working part-time. I didn't feel like I could justify the expense. Thank you, interlibrary loan, for letting me hold the book in my hands again!

This is not a storybook. Rather, it's a big art book. Fantasy artist extraordinaire Brian Froud designed the creatures for the movie, as he did The Dark Crystal, and Monty Python alum Terry Jones wrote the first draft of the script. Together, they came up with The Goblins of Labyrinth, which someday, I will own. I promise.

Last year, the girls and I made masks inspired by the masquerade ball scene for International Fairy Day. I'd love to try my hand at something fancier. The ball scene is so beautiful.

Back in March, I got the chance to see Labyrinth on the big screen again. Twice, in fact. Little Sis and I saw it at the Orpheum, where it had been on the schedule for several months. Then a local cult film group programmed a month of David Bowie movies at the second-run movie theater. The final film was Labyrinth. We dragged Big Sis along that time.

There are quite a few special things happening this year, in celebration of the film's 30th anniversary. I'm sure the death of the Goblin King has a bit to do with that, although the movie has become a cult classic over the years. Fathom Events is bringing the film back to select U.S. theaters in September. I plan to replace my DVD copy with the brand new Blu-ray, which will feature brand new bonus features. (I really, really want this one, but I don't think that's going to happen.) This book will be tops on my Christmas list. This Saturday is free comic book day, and lookee here! Speaking of comics...

Next up in our '80s cult film kick: Legend! Next weekend!

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  1. Oh man, you are so in the know about all this coolness! Legend. I was pretty obsessed with that whole deal for awhile! Julia would looooooove all this stuff, I'll show her!

    1. And of course, Froud and Jones later collaborated on Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book. Remember that from 15-20 years ago?


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