Cobblestone Magazine

Cobblestone, a history magazine for kids, published by Cricket Media.

Late last year, Little Sis participated in the Girl Scout Fall Opportunity Sale. It was yet another fundraiser, mostly candy and nuts.

And magazine subscriptions.

I hit upon this one while scanning the kids' magazines online. It's published by Cricket Media, best known for Cricket, Spider, Ask, Ladybug, etc. High quality stuff. I had never heard of Cobblestone, but it excited me. A history magazine for children? How awesome is that? History is one of our family's favorite subjects. I bought a subscription from Little Sis, as part of the girls' Christmas.

We've received four issues so far. Each issue is arranged around one central theme. So far, the themes have included the American Civil War, the Wild West, Angel Island, and this one, just in time for Women's History Month: "Revolutionary Women."

This seems like the perfect time to show off an issue of Cobblestone to you!

The issue starts with an overview of women's roles in Colonial America, and in the Revolutionary War. The next story explains coverture laws.

There are stories on individual women - Abigail Adams, Sybil Ludington, Catherine Moore "Kate" Barry, Lydia Darragh, Deborah Sampson, Mercy Otis Warren, Esther de Berdt Reed, Phyllis Wheatley - an attempt to tell more stories of women of color (information is lacking), the legend of Molly Pitcher, a crossword puzzle, some "Did You Know"s, and a recipe for johnny cakes. I admit, I learned quite a lot from this issue, as did the girls! 

Scanning the back issues, I see so many I want to read. I'm looking forward to seeing what else arrives in our mail box!

Tomorrow is Mac & Cheese Wednesday, and Thursday is St. Patrick's Day! I promise, there will be lots more Women's History Month to come, though.

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