Obsessive Nostalgia Disorder Monday: Brownies 1983-84

It's been a long time since my last ONDM post! Okay, it's been a long time since I've blogged period. Valentine's Day wasn't anything great, and I haven't been carrying my camera around. I'm not really a photographer. How many of my readers are still interested in picture books? I have those... I still love them. Our lives are just a little boring right now.

Little Sis started cookie sales this Saturday. It's her third year, and her first as a Brownie.  We have way too many cookies, and I admit I'm overwhelmed. (I ship! Email me if you want any ABC Bakers varieties.) She has also been exploring my photo boxes lately, finding a few pictures from my own first year as a Brownie. I was in first grade. Daisies didn't exist until the following year, and they were kindergarten only.

We've already misplaced my favorite photo, one of me, my then-best friend Kristine, and a girl named Sheila. Here is one of my mother pinning my GS pin to my sash, while I hug Big Brown Bear.

The little flying horse in the top picture was one of the prizes offered my first year of Scouts for selling cookies.  I was the troop's top seller, but to be completely honest, my parents did a lot of the selling at work. Still, I was pretty proud of my numbers in those days. 

I have a Pinboard called Girl Scout Love, and the other day, as I pinned something to the board, I noticed some cool vintage stuff on the "Related Pins" feature. This led to the discovery of an awesome website,  VintageGirlScout.com, which has photos and info galore.  I read about the sale and demise of the camp I attended the summers after 2nd and 3rd grade! (Camp Seikooc: cookies spelled backward!) I also found lots of info about cookies. 

My family always says I have such a great memory, but my 1st grade cookie sale was over 30 years ago. I only knew so much. There are only two companies left that make the cookies, ABC and Little Brownie. When I was little, there were still four (or so I read). I remember we switched bakeries for my next two sales, so I had to relearn some cookie names. My scouting days ended after 3rd grade. I never wore green.

I'd forgotten that at some point, Peanut Butter Sandwiches/Do-Si-Dos were called Savannahs, and Peanut Butter Patties/Tagalongs were Hoedowns. I hunted down a description of Kookaburras, too, because I vaguely remember liking those. I guess our council's bakery in 1984 was Burry Biscuit Company, as I found a poster and patch from 1984 with my little Pegasus!

Little Sis's Valentine's gift is coming late, but it's an authentic '80s-era Brownie blouse and jumper I won off eBay. She can't wait to wear it as cookie season rolls on!

Until then, she's wearing her vest and beanie, packaging requests and making thank you cards.

Anyone else swimming in cookies?

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