Imelda and the Goblin King

Imelda & the Goblin King by Briony May Smith.
Flying Eye Books, 2015.

Maybe it was the cover art, or the fact it had the words "Goblin King" in the title, but I've wanted this book in my hands for months. My interlibrary loan came through! (Thanks, Lawrence Public Library!)

Imelda & the Goblin King is the enchanting work of Briony May Smith. It's published by Flying Eye Books, the children's imprint of Nobrow Press, which puts out some amazing books.

Look at the endpapers. Seriously.

So young Imelda lives next to a magical wood, where she is friendly with the fairy folk and their queen. They play with her and share their secrets, and all is well, until the Goblin King arrives.

The Goblin King is mean and nasty. The Fairy Queen thinks, perhaps, if they show him some kindness, he would soften and become kind in return. She invites him to the fairy solstice, but things do not go well. The Goblin King is greedy and rude and eats the entire feast. The queen tries to tell him off, but he retaliates by kidnapping her.The fairies rush to Imelda for help.

Imelda knows how greedy he is, and uses the fairies' magical berries to fool the Goblin King.

Needless to say, Imelda saves the day, and the goblins crown her their queen!

We love fairies and magical creatures, and this funny, beautiful book filled a need, as humdrum as our winter has been. For more on our little homemade flower fairy, see this post.

You can also find many magical fairy crafts and photos on several of my Pinterest boards: A Little Magic, Fairy Day/Midsummer Fairy Party, and Fairy Birthday Party Inspiration.

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