Woodland Peace Sign Art Party

As much as I love throwing pretty parties, sometimes it's nice to step back and let someone else do the work. We have been very busy these past couple months. I just finished my second weekend traveling around the area with Hamlet, Little Sis is playing a mole in A Year with Frog and Toad, Big Sis is staying after school to rehearse a fourth grade play, Mr. B is working third shift with the railroad, and as always, we have school and dance classes, too. Whew! So for Big Sis's 10th birthday party, we opted for a destination event. We found out that CityArts, an arts facility in Old Town, does birthday parties for a very reasonable price, and decided to schedule something there. I emailed a list of Big Sis's interests, and the planner jumped at the chance to come up with a peace sign project.

Not just any peace sign project. A woodland peace sign project. These made me want to rebuild the fairy house right now!

Our host passed out embroidery hoops. Some were plastic, some metal, some wood. Then the kids broke sticks, so that they had three pieces to make the peace sign. Using a cool touch hot glue gun, they glued their sticks into place, then went to town. She had yarn, raffia, shells, seeds, rocks, faux flowers, acorns, nuts, beans, feathers...  For about 30 minutes, it became the quietest birthday party I have ever attended. These kids were crafters, and they were very, very busy.

No two peace signs were alike, and the project is so simple, it would be easy to replicate at home.

This is Little Sis's peace sign. She's very into symmetry right now.

We hadn't planned on bringing a cake. Big Sis wanted cookies. My friend Jennifer, who recently moved to Kansas City after living in New York a number of years, is an amazing cookie artist. I ordered two dozen, and she rocked them!

My grandmother decided to bring a carrot cake, too, which did make blowing out candles a bit easier.

As you can see in the top picture, there was an amazing tent in the space, leftover from a summer art camp. I would love to make one here at home! Big Sis got a CityArts t-shirt, and everyone left with a sweet memento. Look at all those peace signs!

Changing subjects, I had to order a new camera charger. I think my old one was in my old purse. The one with a broken strap, that was resting on the living room floor when our new dog (later post, I promise!) decided to take a pee. The purse my husband threw away, because I told him there was nothing in it but old receipts. Oops. Once my new one arrives, I hope to start blogging more regularly. I feel like I'm doing the books a disservice when I use my phone for pictures.

Until then, peace out, peeps!

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