Gotta Dance!

Oh, dear. I have fallen so far behind on blogging. I have things to blog about, but it's finding time to edit pictures, look up links, and actually write that I can't keep up with.

But I haven't done a "Gotta Dance!" post this year, and because the girls' recital week (last week) is one of my excuses for not blogging, it seems fitting that I whip one up now.

The recital, "Disney Magic," was a lot of fun. There were a total of four performances over three days. Big Sis danced three times in each: jazz, tap and ballet. Little Sis performed in a ballet piece.

If you're interested in kids' books about dance and dancers, I've finally labeled the ones I've featured on this blog. Just click here. I'm certain to add tons more along the way. And our favorite fairy tale from the Brothers Grimm about a dozen dancing princesses? Click here.

Now for some videos!

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