American Girl Doll Dining (A Photo Session by My 9-Year-Old)

Big Sis was feeling a bit of angst last month. She and her sister were bickering a lot, and she felt lonely. I talked to her, and gave her a list of things she could do to occupy her time when she was left on her own. I mentioned she could contribute to the blog. She could make a photo study of her dolls or toys, write a book review, etc.

Last week, she set up a darling restaurant scene with our four American Girl dolls. Seriously, I can't believe we have four of these dolls. They are so expensive, but the girls take very good care of them. Kit Kittridge is Big Sis's special doll. She saved all her birthday and Christmas money, then we took a trip to the American Girl store in Kansas City, just after her sixth birthday. I told her the only way she would get an American Girl is if she could buy it herself. Molly McIntire is Little Sis's doll, gifted to her by her uncles for Christmas that same year. So much for mom's "buy it yourself" rule. (They did get Big Sis Kit's desk, to make it even.) Elizabeth Cole (Felicity's friend) is a hand-me-down from a little girl who had outgrown her. Kirsten Larson was an eBay purchase, because I always wanted a Kirsten. She is an original white-bodied doll, from the days when there were only three. She was a steal on eBay, because she is damaged. Her arm needs to be tightened up and some of her hair was cut away from her scalp.

To set the scene: Kit is dining in the restaurant. Elizabeth is taking her order. (Look at the pencil behind her ear!) Molly is working the counter. Kirsten is paying.

Some of the items she used came from the Doll Dining activity set. Perhaps I should look into the Doll Photo Shoot set for her next birthday...

I let her use my Canon Rebel. She took more pictures, but these were the least fuzzy. Considering I don't understand my camera yet, I think she did rather well!

Now to find my camera charger so I can take photos of my own...

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