Zombelina Dances the Nutcracker

Zombelina Dances the Nutcracker by Kristyn Crow, illustrated by Molly Idle.
Bloomsbury, 2015.

Zombelina is back, and she's in The Nutcracker! How exciting is that? She's a holiday crossover, and sometimes I think we could use a little ghoulishness with our Christmas cheer.

It's a familiar story. Zombelina is excited to audition for the annual Nutcracker ballet.

Her friend Lizzie is very talented, too, and Zombelina is a bit worried until...

Zombelina is cast as Clara, while Lizzie is in the ensemble. They have a heart to heart, though, and while Zombelina is sad for Lizzie, Lizzie is happy for Zombelina. Friendship wins, everything is fine.

It's actually a pretty straightforward tale, until Zombelina throws her shoe at the Mouse King.

Unfortunately, Zombelina's Grandpa Phantom is haunting the theatre. He can't help causing chaos!

Zombelina knows she's the only one who can keep Grandpa Phantom preoccupied. She begs Lizzie to take over for her. Lizzie doesn't know the choreography, but Zombelina's legs do....

Yep. Zombelina's legs do the dancing under Lizzie's nightgown.

While Lizzie is dancing, Zombelina plays "Hangman" with her grandpa, thereby saving the show!

Despite her detachable limbs and green-hued skin, Zombelina is kind and caring. It's a cute book, and might make a nice gift for a little dancer in your life.

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  1. So exciting! I'd really love to see this one. Maybe next Christmas this side of the world though... I love the idea of "a little ghoulishness in our Christmas cheer". Beautiful!

    1. Thanks! It's a really cute book. It couldn't wait for next year. :)


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