A Christmas Story

In God We Trust: All Others Pay Cash by Jean Shepherd (Large Print Edition).
Originally published by Doubleday, 1966.
Current edition, Broadway Books,1991.

This is my current reading material. I accidentally grabbed the large print edition, because I liked the cover. I'm silly that way.

As promised, here's a little look at what the girls and I were up to the past month. Sunday, we wrapped up thirteen performances of Philip Grecian's play adaptation of A Christmas Story, based on the beloved holiday movie, with some extra bits from the original Jean Shepherd stories thrown in. I played The Mother (Mrs. Parker), Little Sis played Randy (Ralphie's little brother - yes, she was a boy), and Big Sis played Helen Weathers, the smartest, toughest girl in school. Ralphie's classmates get more to do in the play than in the movie, and there are actually two speaking parts for little girls.

Do I need to tell you what the play is about? Surely you've seen the movie. Here in the U.S., 24-hour marathons run on cable during Christmas. I first saw it on HBO at my babysitter's house as a kid.

This trailer is so terribly, terribly 1980s. That music!

Thirteen performances over three weekends. Honestly, that's a lot for adult actors, but for ten children - ! Our kids ranged in age from five (kindergarten) to thirteen, and they were such troopers.

Here are a few phone photos I took during the run. We made the local paper twice. The cake was a closing matinee gift from the actor who played Miss Shields. Here's Little Sis in the dressing room, with her hair styled with pomade. The overalls and shirt are her own. And there she is early in the rehearsal process, trying on the snowsuit for the first time.

You can see more pictures from our production on the Wichita Community Theatre Facebook page.

We haven't watched the movie yet this year, mostly because some of the lines for the play were different, and I was having trouble getting the movie out of my mind, even without a recent viewing! I am, of course, reading the book from which most of the movie adapted. Perhaps I should have grabbed this one instead, which only contains the stories used for the movie. 

Here's Jean Shepherd's radio show from  Christmas Eve, 1974.

The grown-up cast and crew have been posting links to stories for each other on Facebook. I thought I'd share some here, if you're interested.

"We plunged into the cornucopia quivering with desire and the ecstasy of unbridled avarice."
Haha! Or, here are some links to merchandise related to the movie.

After we struck the set on Sunday, I took the girls for a drive out west of town, to a couple of neighborhoods known for spectacular light shows. While we were heading to one destination, we came upon a yard decked out in tribute to A Christmas Story! It was the perfect way to end the run of the play.

See the big replica lamp and crate? Santa and the slide, and Flick stuck to the flagpole? And the house, complete with Ralphie in his bunny suit and a little leg lamp in the window

I hope you enjoyed my little A Christmas Story post! On to more books soon.

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  1. Oh I did enjoy! And what fun you and your girls must have had. You know, reading about your experiences makes me really miss my theater days and community theater on Maui - I really miss it. And I didn't realize there were big differences between the play and the film, but of course, I should have. And it's time for our 2nd annual Christmas Story viewing with Julia, she only saw it for the first time last year!

    1. We had a family movie party tonight (while I folded laundry, blah) of Christmas Vacation and Scrooged. Still no A Christmas Story yet! :) We're going to take a long break from outside theatre this coming semester. We did a lot this year!

  2. I only watched this movie last Christmas! It's not so famous here. I loved it! What fun to be in the play, with both your girls too!

    1. It's funny - I only knew about the movie when it hit HBO. I don't recall ever seeing a trailer or hearing anyone talk about it 'til then. But all the kids I know fell in love with it.

      We had a great time! Of course, we're worn out now and ready to take a break! ;)


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