Mad Tea Party for an 8th (Un)Birthday

Little Sis turned 8 years old! Her actual birthday is on the first, and just like last year, the thought of throwing a birthday party on Halloween weekend was too much for us to fathom. (Someday, however, I'd love to throw a Halloween-themed party.) This year, she wanted a Mad Tea Party! The girls picked their Halloween costumes in order to wear them again for the party.  She has seen pictures of her sister's fifth birthday party, an Alice in Wonderland-themed party in our backyard. She wasn't quite three at the time, so she really doesn't remember it.

We opted to rent a quiet shelter at a beautiful park across town. The guest list was huge, and I must admit, a bit overwhelming. Mr. B got called to work soon after it began, but between my dad, grandma, sister, and the awesome parents who stayed (including a teacher and para from school), I had a lot of help! My camera wasn't working, and I was too busy to take pictures for the most part. I send buckets of gratitude to my sister, my grandmother, and especially my beautiful friend Tara for the photographs!

The cupcakes were our favorite vanilla cupcake recipe from The Joy of Baking. I purchased plain black cupcake picks from the craft store, then created my own circular pictures on the computer to glue to the picks.

It was a semi-proper tea party! We brought little tea sandwiches (pimento, cream cheese and cucumber, cream cheese and jelly, and PBJ), including a gluten-free trays for our guests with Celiac disease. Mr. B boiled tons of water and filled our big Thermos jug. We passed out tea bags and sugar cubes and milk. A few kids asked for juice in the end, but Mr. B made sure I had that on hand, too.

I read the Mad Tea Party chapter from The Nursery Alice and attempted to lead some games, which fell flat. When the kids first arrived, they decorated clip-on party hats made from paper cups and cardstock, an idea I found here. The party favors were Cheshire Cat grin photo props (I drew those!) and coloring pages.

Presents were hurried, because everyone really wanted to play on the playground! She received a ton of art supplies (YES!), some Ever After High and Monster High toys, and some movies and books.

At one point, a sheriff's car pulled up with its lights flashing. I was so nervous, wondering if I'd done something wrong! It turned out that a party guest's dad worked with her, and asked her to stop by the party. It was so funny! The kids loved it.

After the party, my family and I went further into the park for more pictures.

Click here for more Alice-inspired posts. The "Rabbit Holes" part of our blog name did come from our love for all things Alice!

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  1. oh wow you outdid yourself! she's the cutest Alice ever! That's awesome that the weather cooperated and you could have it outside! Love all the details. I wish I could have been at this!!

    1. I was exhausted. I love pretty parties, but I think they were more fun when the kids were smaller. I told her if she wants to invite 18 kids again, we were going to need to do it at a jumpy house place or something.

      And it was windy! The day before was perfect, but the wind didn't let up until the tea party portion was over, and the kids were on the playground... naturally!

      I wish you were there, too.

  2. Everything looks beautiful. What a special party! She's so cute in her costume -both girls are! Sounds like so much fun. Parties can be exhausting but I guess it's usually worth it, right? I've never done a themed party, I wonder if we can do it this year...

    1. Thank you so much. This one seemed particularly challenging. We might just be too busy these days, but everyone I talked to about it later said it was so much fun. Thank goodness! Just plan ahead. That's the best advice I can give. ;)


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