Everyone Loves Bacon

Everyone Loves Bacon by Kelly DiPucchio, illustrated by Eric Wight.
FSG Books for Young Readers, 2015.

Hi, remember me? I blog here sometimes... Seriously, it's been a frustrating time for me on the blog front. I was sick over Halloween, but I had some posts read to go. I just needed the photos.

Then my camera died. I took it to the shop, just to find out the battery was kaput, but I had another battery at home. I charged it, but the camera still isn't right. I almost used my phone to put together one last big Halloween post - Pediaphobia 2015! - but being sick, I scrapped the idea. We have been very busy. I spent all last week volunteering at the school again, plus rehearsals for A Christmas Story in the evenings, then Little Sis's birthday party this past weekend. [I never even put together a post for the day she turned eight, the day after Halloween!] I hope to share pictures from her Mad Tea Party, once I get some. I didn't get to take many myself. Sigh.

BUT, I can share this book with you! Because today, my camera came back to life long enough for me to photograph this hilarious picture book, one of Little Sis's birthday presents.

Bacon endpapers!

 You may recall this post from May 2014, from the last days of her kindergarten year. She had just earned the nickname "Bacon" from her teacher. It was the start of things to come. In first grade, her nickname became "Baconator," and I became "Baconator's mom." She and her bestie wrote songs about bacon, drew pictures of bacon, and for Christmas, Santa gave them bacon best friend necklaces. Oh, and Little Sis got a stuffed bacon from Santa, too! She isn't quite as fanatical about the stuff this year, but when I read the title of this book, I knew she had to have it. Her grandpa got it for her, so it's extra-special.

Let us take a moment to laugh at the vegetarian who keeps getting roped into all things bacon.(That would be me.)

(Well, I don't. Ha!)

(I love French toast.)

Bacon is so popular! He's on posters! He's on t-shirts! He plays the ukulele and grows a mustache!

He's also a real jerk to his old friends. That's okay. He gets his in the end.

Because if everyone loves you, and you happen to be food...

Kelly DiPucchio is up there with Amy Krouse Rosenthal for picture book authors-who-are-not-illustrators we love. The Zombie in Love books, Gaston, Grace for President, The Sandwich Swap... We are fans. I wasn't familiar with Eric Wight until now, but his illustrations for this book are fabulous.

I hope everyone is well! I missed my first Thankful Thursday post for the year, so if nothing else, I will aim to have one this week.

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  1. Great to see you're back! Lovely illustrations, and what a funny book! I laughed so much with the way you presented the story. xoxo

    1. Aww, thanks. I try. It is a very cute book, even if it does star meat.

      I should be posting a lot more this week, as long as time cooperates with me! :)


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