I Am A Witch's Cat / Happy Halloween, Witch's Cat!

We're in love with Harriet Muncaster's Witch's Cat books. They are marvelous and adorable and sweet. The mix of paper cut-outs and 3D miniatures are pure eye candy, and the little "cat" and her mother are characters you might want to know in real life.

I Am a Witch's Cat by Harriet Muncaster. HarperCollins, 2014.

I Am a Witch's Cat was published last year. We weren't able to get a hold of it until just after Halloween, so we re-checked it last week.

An adorable little girl in a cat costume lists all the reasons she knows her mom is a witch. "I know my mom is a witch because she keeps lots of strange potion bottles in the bathroom that I am NOT allowed to touch."

On trips to the grocery store, her mother buys "eyeballs" and "green fingers." She grows "magical herbs," and uses them to make "bubbling, hissing potions" that resemble soup. I especially love this one: "I know my mom is a witch because when her friends come over, they sit in a circle and cackle and swap spell books. They pat my head and say, 'My, how you've grown!'"

She also gives her kitty rides on her "broomstick." Can we stop for a moment and daydream about how cool it would be to have this room - and vacuum! - in real life?

We found the second book on the new release shelf last month. We couldn't wait to check it out!

Happy Halloween, Witch's Cat! by Harriet Muncaster. HarperCollins, 2015.

It is almost Halloween. The book opens with the cat and her mother making cookies in the kitchen.

The pair visit a costume shop. What should our little cat be for Halloween?

She explores her options. A frog? A silver skeleton? Maybe a ballerina or a vampire.

She considers mummies, pumpkins, and ghosts, but nothing feels right.

On the final spread, we see a bunch of kids, dressed in the unchosen costumes.

And the Witch's Cat and her mother?

Just precious. What can I say? We're suckers for all things sparkly and magical and witchy and feline.

Harriet Muncaster demonstrated how she made the I Am A Witch's Cat book cover on her blog, Victoria Stitch, last year. She also posted an activity, which can be downloaded on the book's website at HarperCollins. Look for where it says "Printable Activity" near the "About the Book" space.

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  1. Just adorable! I want these books!! :)

    1. They're darling! And they aren't in verse, so they will be nice and translatable. ;)


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