Hay, Hooves, & Halloween at Old Cowtown

Five days 'til Halloween! My little girls ghouls got their first chance to dress up yesterday, as we headed to Old Cowtown Museum for their annual Hay, Hooves & Halloween event. I've taken the girls almost every year since they were tiny. Two years ago, they moved it from regular daytime hours to an evening shindig, complete with gunfight-turned-dance mob. We had to bow out last year, as the girls danced all day at their studio's Halloween event, so we were especially excited this year. We met my sister and her family there. My nieces were Dorothy and Glinda, so we had some fun as Oz-met-Wonderland. All four children had colds, so there was a lot of coughing and stuffiness, but very little crankiness. Everyone had a good time!

Alice and the White Rabbit arriving...

Alice, bored with her lessons, as usual.

She's late, she's late...

We listened to a telling of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," and watched this guy chase Ichabod Crane through the town.

When Big Sis turned five, we threw her an Alice in Wonderland birthday party. She enjoyed it so much, she went as Alice for Halloween. (Her sister was Dorothy!) Little Sis was too young to remember Big Sis's party, so she has requested her own Mad Tea Party. They decided to be Wonderland characters for Halloween, and yes, they are planning to wear their costumes at the party in two weeks. I'm supposed to come up with a better Queen of Hearts costume. I told them maybe.

Just maybe.

Back to books tomorrow!

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I splurged a bit on the Alice dress. The one her sister wore fell apart so quickly! Big Sis asked me for white gloves, white ears, and a tail. She had the rest of her costume planned, using stuff from home. I did get her a cool hat, instead of plain ears, though. ;)

  2. So much awesome - loved reading about your trip and seeing these fun fun photos! The picture of 'bored Alice' is priceless :)

    1. Haha, I begged her to pose for that one! She has a yucky cough right now, and she seemed to really "feel" that pose. ;) Thank you!


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