Halloween Paperbacks

More Halloweeniness today! I have bloggy friends to thank for both of these books. The Ghost Library was a very sweet gift from my friend Georgia in Greece. Cinderella Skeleton was featured over on Pen Pals & Picture Books, and I admit, after reading the post, I ordered a copy immediately.

The Ghost Library by David Melling. Hodder Children's Books, 2004.

David Melling is a popular British writer and illustrator. The Ghost Library is the first book of his that we've read. It's a darling, non-scary picture book that celebrates books and stories, so you know it's right up our alley.

Bo is reading her favorite book ("about a witch with smelly feet") when suddenly, the lights go out. She feels a chill and hears voices in the dark.

 A hand grabs Bo's book, but she refuses to let go.

There is a ghost library! The shelves, however, are very empty. The thieves introduce themselves.

The ghosts beg Bo for a story. First, she reads her favorite book, as numerous ghosts float into the building.

The ghosts want another story, but Bo tells them it's their turn. Claiming they haven't any more books, the ghosts are stuck, until Bo suggests they make up their own.

Bo and the ghosts fill book after book with tales, "and to this day The Ghost Library is full of stories."

And now for something a little different...

Cinderella Skeleton by Robert D. San Souci, illustrated by David Catrow.
Voyager / Harcourt, 2000.

Cinderella Skeleton is less cute, more... pretty? Seriously. I think the illustrations are gorgeous. It's a little macabre and definitely rather funny. It's a favorite around our house.

The stepsisters riding off in the hearse...  Ha!

Yes, there's a slipper. But being a skeleton, you know our girl is somewhat fragile herself...

Cinderella Skeleton is readily available in paperback. [Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indie Bound]
The Ghost Library was made available in hardcover in the US at some point. [Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indie Bound]

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  1. SO MUCH YES! I need to go dig out Cinderella Skeleton! I bought it right after Pen Pals posted it, just like you!! Oh this other one, THAT looks amazing. Love the art! Aren't Halloween books just the BEST? Question - has Big Sis read The House With a Clock in Its Walls yet? I think Julia would be scared by it, but maybe not? Loved that book when I was young!

    1. I had to look that book up. I've never read it! I placed a hold on it and two of the Chew books you blogged about today. I'm overloading myself again. I just want to read and blog, but I keep getting roped into volunteering at the school, plus Little Sis has a birthday coming up, which will require me getting this house in order, and we'll be starting play rehearsals soon, too. I feel perpetually behind.

  2. I'm glad you liked the Ghost Library! It's not perfect, but with ghosts and a library it can never go wrong. I LOVE Cinderella Skeleton, I've had it since last year but haven't shown it to the girls yet. It's practically untranslatable -without the rhymes it's not the same.

    1. The Ghost Library is darling! I love the ghosts. I never think about how hard it must be to translate the rhyming text. At least the original Cinderella is so familiar. The illustrations... "Oh, look how pretty the skeleton is in her dress!" ;)


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