The Princess And The Pony (Little Sis Tuesday on Wednesday)

It's time for Little Sis Tuesday, where I turn over the blog to my 7 1/2-year-old. [Although we had the pictures ready to go yesterday, we're running a day behind, due to a big birthday sleepover at a friend's house!] Today, she is going to tell you about a picture book I wanted to blog about. She won. This is truly one of the funniest books we've read in a while. All four of us - Big Sis, Little Sis, Mr. B, and I - thought it was a scream. She took the pictures (so please forgive the quality), I helped her edit them and then I added the top photo, links, and book trailer. - Danzel

The Princess and the Pony by Kate Beaton.
Arthur A. Levine Books, 2015.

This is a book that we checked out from the library. It's about a warrior princess who wants a horse.

She wants a warrior horse, but instead she gets a pony that looks like a squeaky toy.

It chews stuff and sticks its tongue out a lot. She wants to take the pony to fight in the big battle.

But it's really funny, because all the warriors think the pony is too cute to fight. Being cute wins!

The pony farts a lot. It made us laugh.

Seriously, our whole family got a kick out of The Princess and the Pony. It's silly, cute and clever. I haven't been following Beaton's popular web comic, Hark, A Vagrant, but I checked the first book out from the library and plan to tear into it soon. - Danzel

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  1. Oh WOW. Julia is going to LOVE this. A cute, farting pony? YES PLEASE!

    1. It's so funny. We had a blast reading this one. Several times, in fact! - Danzel


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