Tammy and Pepper (Little Sis Tuesday)

This is our last Little Sis Tuesday post for the summer. One week from today, the girls start back at school! Summer flew so fast! Today, Little Sis wants to show you a very special gift she received. A lovely, generous woman named Shirley, who I met via Instagram and who commented on Little Sis's last Tammy doll post, sent Little Sis a Pepper doll. Tammy is reunited with her own little sis! Please watch your mail, Shirley - proper thanks is on its way! [Little Sis took the pictures, save the last. I took that one, and edited the post.] - Danzel

Look! I have a Pepper doll. Isn't she cute?

I like her, because she's a little sister, like me.

They can play hide and seek.

And they can climb trees together.

Their outfits are old. I like their matching checks.

This is me playing with them.

I love my dolls.

Here's a Pepper commercial my mom found on YouTube.

Thanks for reading my stuff this summer. I don't like going back to school, but blogging is hard.

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  1. I have never heard of the Tammy and Pepper dolls but they do look so familiar to Licca dolls from the 60s! Instagram can be a very fun way to connect with people :D

    Good luck to your little ones with going back to school !

    1. Tammy was Ideal's answer to Barbie. She was only in production for a few short years. She was, apparently, inspired by Debbie Reynolds's character in Tammy and the Bachelor. I love their faces. Her tagline was "The doll you love to dress!" The slogan was later used to market Sindy dolls in the U.K. Their faces are similar, too.

      I can't believe it's time to head back to school! I need to get the blog back on schedule, too. I feel weird spending too much time on the computer when the girls are home.

  2. oh my gosh! Tammy and Pepper! how cute!!!

  3. Little Sis, I'm sure blogging is hard but you do it very well! The pictures of Tammy and Pepper were posed in interesting ways...it told a story. I really liked seeing the sister dolls together!!!

    1. Thank you! I like playing with them together, too. - Little Sis

  4. ok these dolls are DARLING! They are so so beautiful! Never ever seen these before! What a lovely gift to get in the mail.

    1. It was so sweet and generous of her! She sent Big Sis and I treats as well. Sometimes I love the internet so much.


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