First Day of School / Goodbye, Summer

And just like that - poof! - summer is over. The girls started school this morning. Big Sis is in fourth grade, although she's in the same classroom. Her third grade teacher moved up a grade, and claimed her right away. Little Sis is in second grade, and her teacher is new to the school. However, she's Big Sis's kindergarten teacher's little sis! 

I'm sorry I haven't blogged as much this summer. Now that the girls are back in school, I feel I'll have more time to post about books and edit photos, etc. 

It was a busy, if short, summer break. I was in a play (As You Like It). Little Sis bridged over to Brownies. We saw some movies (Back to the Future at the Orpheum, Inside Out, Minions), saw some theatre, attending a tiny part of my high school reunion, frequented the library, grilled, grew stuff, took dance classes, drew stuff, said goodbye to our very wrecked PT Cruiser, cooked, had a birthday (me), visited Wichita stuff... We ended the break with a trip to a little amusement park, another movie (Tomorrowland at the second run movie house), and a tea party.

We didn't take any big trips this year. Mr. B's car wreck meant no visit to Atchison for the Amelia Earhart Festival, but we did get to go to Kanopolis State Park for a few days. We rented a cabin, and enjoyed the great outdoors. Due to the accident, Mr. B wasn't able to hike or spend too much time on his foot, but he and the girls fished (nothing caught) and the girls played on all the playground equipment. We grilled a lot.

After we checked out of the cabin, we paid a short visit to Mushroom Rock State Park again.

We stopped for lunch in little Marquette, Kansas, which is one of the cutest small towns I think I've ever visited. We ate at a little diner, then had dessert at a soda fountain. (Butterscotch sundaes...  Mmmmm...) There's a little gas station memorabilia museum and a motorcycle museum, too.

We only drove through Lindsborg, but we did make our way to Coronado Heights again.

So that was our mini-vacation.

Here let me dump a few more photos on you!

How about some shots from our trip last week to the Sedgwick County Zoo? It was World Elephant Day. Stephanie the African Elephant enjoyed a cake and a present - both were full of hay.

That was our summer. If you follow Silver Shoes & Rabbit Holes on Instagram, you probably saw some of these and several more.

For those of you still enjoying a break, have a great rest of the summer! For those of us with kiddos in school, have a wonderful year!

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  1. You had a really great summer! It's amazing how you find so many things to do and places to visit. I often complain that my town has nothing to see but I think I don't look hard enough. Sometimes there are great little places but I need to make time and an effort to go there! But I have to admit, your daughters seem to really enjoy their outings and willing to participate in the activities you have planned for them! I am sometimes not sure my kids would enjoy it that much. It's a drag to get them out of the house LOL

    I wish a wonderful year to your little girls (^_^)

    1. We try to find the fun. My mother lived in Georgia while I was in college, and there were always cool places go within easy driving distance. We were closer to big cities, and there were the mountains nearby and lots of cool attractions. I don't get away as often now, and the nearest big cities are at least 3 hours away, but I make a point of finding the beauty or fun closer to home. I like to travel. The girls can be homebodies, but getting away once in a while isn't so bad. :)

      Hope your summer has been a great one. I'm so jealous of your new dollies!

    2. I would love to see mountains again! I used to live nearby a little mountain and it was such a great fun to climb it and look down on the city below. It's flat flat flat in my city LOL

    3. Well, while Kansas isn't quite as flat as its reputation warrants - see the Smoky Hills, Flint Hills, etc. - it is lacking in great forests or tall peaks. And honestly, the Wichita area is pretty flat. I do love to visit forests and mountains, too!

  2. Wow, they're so big already. Wishing you girls a wonderful school year!
    You really had a busy summer! Love your pictures. We 've just been back from a few weeks with grandparents and siblings and little cousins (it was crazy but fun), trying to settle back home. Great to hear from you again! :)

    1. It's had spurts of busyness, then lots of lazy time, too. We haven't read much. Way too much TV. Not everything went the way we wanted it to, but that's life! :) Thank you!


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