I Like Mermaids (Little Sis Tuesday - on Wednesday)

It's time for Little Sis Tuesday, except it's actually Wednesday. Someone has a busy social life these days, and that someone isn't me! She did have me take a few pictures yesterday, however, and today she wants to tell you about them. - Danzel

This is my mermaid toy. She's new! Her name is Shelly. And this is a Disney Ariel toy I got separately. [She got it at a thrift store the other day. It's incomplete, but she wanted to use it for her new My Magical Mermaid. - Danzel]

I love mermaids, and when I grow up, I want to be a mermaid. Mermaids are one of my favorite magical creatures.

Her tail moves when she's in the water.

My mommy made us some mermaid tales with some towels and rubber bands.

I went to Pirate and Mermaid Camp this year. It was fun. We played lots of games and wore costumes and made crafts. This is some mermaid art I made there.

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  1. Lil Sis - if I could look as darling as you with your awesome haircut, I would cut all of my hair off in 5 SECONDS!!! Sadly, I would not look as darling as you do! Oh well. Let's talk about MERMAIDS. Me too, I would also LOVE to be a mermaid! I think mermaids are the coolest magical creatures. I think underwater palaces must be amazing, don't you think? Have you read Urashima Toro? It's about a man who goes to live in the palace of the Dragon King (I think) under the sea and he has a beautiful daughter, who is not a mermaid, but still, I like that story. Except it has a sad ending. Let's get back to mermaids! Love your doll! Love Ariel! I wish I had hair like a mermaid with pearls in it. :) XOXOXO

    1. My mom says we have that story in a book, so we can read it later. I want to live in an underwater palace, too. I want it to be turquoise and there's a carriage and it's a seashell pulled by sea horses! - Little Sis


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