Happy Birthday, Wichita

We made a glittery construction paper Wichita Flag!

Sorry for the lack of Little Sis Tuesday this week. She knew weeks ago what she wanted to post about this Tuesday: our trip to the Amelia Earhart Festival in Atchison! Unfortunately, the trip did not happen. We were all set to go, packed and everything, when I received a call late Friday evening. Mr. B was in bad car wreck on the way home from work. He is actually okay - he has a very small fracture in his foot - but the other car is wrecked, and because we would have had to leave early Saturday morning, we had to call it off. I asked if she had anything else she wanted to blog about, but she said "not this week."

Yesterday was our hometown's 145th birthday! Yes, our city actually makes a big deal about this. They didn't used to, I guess, but the past few years, the newspaper and historical museum have helped put the word out. 

The historical museum has their birthday party scheduled for this Saturday, but we won't be able to go, as we will be at memorial services for a wonderful old theatre professor/local actor. You can see pictures from two years ago here. The girls and I decided we would celebrate by visiting lots of our favorite locales. It was very rainy, so we decided to skip some of the walking activities we had planned (visiting the Keeper of the Plains and Troll, taking an art walkabout downtown), and due to flash flooding, we skipped some places and decided to head home. While we did stop a few places, we spent most of the afternoon in the car, while the girls shouted out destinations and Big Sis took pictures with my phone. She used the Retrica app, which comes with a ton of crazy filters, and yes, she used them! It was fun, though. We Instagrammed quite a few, too.

The old Innes / Macy's department store building. When I was little, we would park in the
big garage and take the walkway across. It was always the best shopping experience.
The girls are jealous.

I love the sculptures downtown.

There are lots of construction projects happening downtown. The old Union Station and the old
Rock Island Depot (pictured above) are being worked on right now.

Under the overpass. 

More shots from downtown.

Shopping locally: we stopped at the Spice Merchant, which is housed in the old Mentholatum building, and bought tea.
We stopped at The Donut Whole for donuts, and to say hi to old Joyland Amusement Park memorabilia.
We ventured to Watermark Books & Cafe, where I added stuff (ahem, Pioneer Girl) to my birthday wishlist. (It's August 3rd.)

Historic homes and buildings and the park in the College Hill neighborhood

Wichita's oldest and most fascinating homes are in the Historic Midtown area.

The Dunbar was Wichita's African-American movie theatre. It is being restored, and this mural, a recent addition, is amazing. 
We visited gorgeous Maple Grove Cemetery. Most of Wichita's founders are across the street in Highland, but we visited there last time. James R. Mead, a founder, is in the mausoleum in the lower lefthand corner, and I finally found A.A. Hyde's simple headstone. Hyde was the creator of Mentholatum and one of the city's most important early philanthropist's. In fact, he was responsible for this cemetery!

Big Sis borrowed my "I'm A Keeper" t-shirt for the day.

The Wichita Eagle provided some helpful articles in planning our history day, "Ten ways to celebrate Wichita's 145th birthday"and "Photos: Celebrating Wichita's 145th birthday." The Historic Preservation Alliance keeps a great list of "Historic Landmarks of Wichita." I also made a weird playlist of Wichita-related stuff, including the first Pizza Hut commercial, which you can view here.

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