DC Origin Stories (Little Sis Tuesday )

Today is Little Sis Tuesday, when my 7-year-old takes over the blog. All photos are hers, as well as all the words. I add the links, and check spelling and punctuation. - Danzel

DC Origin Stories: Wonder Woman and Batman by John Sazaklis, Superman and Green Lantern by Matthew K. Manning.
All books are illustrated by Luciano Vecchio.
DC Comics / Stone Arch Books (an imprint of Capstone Publishing), 2015. 

I like superheroes. I went to Superhero Camp last year. 

I got all of these books from the library. They're really easy. 

These are DC superheroes, not Marvel. Wonder Woman is my favorite. She's not just a superhero, she's a goddess! I saw the TV show, but I really want them to make a movie.

I saw the Tim Burton Batman movies, but I only liked the second one. It was cool. I liked Catwoman and the Penguin. Especially Catwoman.

Superman is cool, but he isn't my favorite. My favorite superheroes are born on Earth, not on Krypton. I've only seen the first old Superman movie.

I only know about Green Lantern because of this book.

Why do all the boy superheroes get all the cool stuff? Why does Wonder Woman just get an Invisible Jet that isn't really that cool? It just looks like a big glass plane. I want a Batmobile.

I watched some Marvel superhero movies this summer. I saw both Avengers movies in the wrong order, and Guardians of the Galaxy. Why does Black Widow not get a cool uniform?

I need to design my own superhero. 

Sorry for the photo quality. She insisted on doing this herself. She really loved these books, which she was able to zip through confidently and quickly. She doesn't know much about superheroes yet, but she's very interested. Her daddy has taught her about DC and Marvel, and she's learning who is who and such. Hope you enjoyed her little post! - Danzel (mom)

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