Alice's Adventures Underground

Alice's Adventures Under Ground by Lewis Carroll.
Facsimile edition first published by Macmillan, 1886.
This edition, published by OneWorld Classics, 2009.

Part two of my Happy Alice Day series!

Earlier today, I showed off a facsimile edition of The Nursery Alice, with a bit of publication history regarding the original Alice story. I mentioned that the original manuscript was entitled Alice's Adventures Underground, and the first illustrator was Charles Dodgson, aka Lewis Carroll, himself. In 1886, Dodgson and Macmillan published a facsimile edition of the original manuscript, bound in red cloth. The original manuscript remained in the possession of Alice Liddell Hargreaves until 1928, when she sold it at auction. The man who bought it then sold it to Eldridge Johnson, who had a stunning copy reproduced in 1936. Eventually, it sold again before landing at the British Library in 1948. Over the years, other facsimile editions have been printed. I think the Eldridge edition is gorgeous, and I would love to own a copy like that. You can read the full history of the publication of the Lewis Carroll books on The Lewis Carroll Society website.

My copy is a simple reproduction of the original Macmillan facsimile. I find it a bit difficult to read, although it's lovely to look at. Luckily, Project Gutenberg has it online, with the Carroll illustrations but not in Carroll's handwriting.

The British Library, holder of the original manuscript, has digitized that beauty, by the way. There is color! I would love to see it in person one day, but until then, I will admire it here.

Here is a sample of my 2009 facsimile copy.

Please see my post from earlier today for more links to Alice-related goodies!

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  1. Wow. Very impressive! I had no idea something like this existed, thanks for sharing!

  2. Ditto Georgia! This is gorgeous. What a stunner! Is your book collection insured???? There's the lawyer in me coming out, ha ha ha....:)

    1. Well, the book itself is a cheap bargain copy I think I bought used in the first place! I have too many books, though. I'm just not ready to thin it down again. :)


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