Tammy (Little Sis Tuesday)

Today is Little Sis Tuesday! I'm turning over the blog to my 7-year-old every Tuesday this summer. All the words are by Little Sis, unless I tell you otherwise. She took the photos and edited them by herself. [I added the text.] I added links, and helped her with formatting, spelling, and punctuation, and added the YouTube videos at her request. - Danzel

This is Tammy. She's an old doll from the sixties. I like old dolls. My mom made me a playlist of old doll commercials. That's how I found out about Tammy. I thought she was pretty. My mom got her for us on eBay.

I like the commercials. When I grow up, I want lots of old dolls. I really want a Pepper doll. She's little, like me.

I took lots of pictures with my mommy's old Barbie horse, and I put Tammy on the horse to make it look like she was riding it. The horse's name is Dallas.

If you want to see my playlist, go here.

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  1. LOVE your doll!! She's just beautiful. Love the photos of her on the horse too! That last shot is so much fun! I'm going to show this to my daughter Julia, who's 9, and she's going to loooooooooooove it.

  2. You are quite the photographer...very nice pictures ! I grew up with Tammy and Pepper. I no longer have my original dolls. I found a Pepper and I hope to find a Tammy some day. Your pictures and the commercials brought back very good memories. I like old dolls too. I still have my Kiddles, Thumbelina and Betsy Wetsy. Thanks for the great post and I look forward to reading your next one!

    1. Do your dolls still work? I love those commercials.

      Thank you!


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