Oklahoma Overnighter

This is why I didn't post anything Thursday or Friday. I had nothing banked, scheduled to run, so the blog was quiet. The girls and I went to Oklahoma, to visit my mother.

Just before we hit Oklahoma City, though, we turned east. We had soda to buy and a barn to see.

We stopped at POPS Route 66 to buy weird and wonderful (and no-so-wonderful) bottles of pop. I'm not a big soda fan. All the Coca-Cola I consumed in college led to health problems, and I seldom drink it now. The girls have been raised with the idea that soda is a special occasion drink. POPS sells so many kinds of sodas, and it's on Route 66, the "Mother Road," and I'm very fond of all things Route 66-related. Therefore, I consider this a special occasion! I got Mr. B a simple bottle of Dublin Dr. Pepper, made with real sugar. I got a couple of diet sodas (one root beer, one chocolate) for myself, althoughboth were disappointing. They no longer sold the soda my brother requested, so we bought him a bottle of Moxie Cola, because I liked the name. Big Sis picked out a Rocket Fizz Shirley Temple.

Little Sis picked out Bacon Soda, to go with the bacon lollipop she found. She says the lollipop was delicious. The soda tasted as good as it sounded, which is to say, BAD. Big Sis and my brother agreed, it was terrible stuff.

Then we headed down the road to the famous Arcadia Round Barn.  (Ever seen the movie Elizabethtown? I didn't like it very much, but this is the barn Orlando Bloom passes in the road trip scene, after visiting the Oklahoma City National Memorial.)

I've stopped by the barn before, but only after hours. This time, we intended to go inside.

I drove around to the parking lot behind the barn. On the way, Big Sis spotted a giant Nutcracker in the window of this shop. A picture had to be taken.

The barn is such a beauty. The last time we were here, there was a wedding reception taking place.

Up the stairs...

The first floor is a big gift shop.

After our visit to Arcadia, we continued east on Route 66 to I-177, then headed to my mother's house in Shawnee.

We listened to Michael York reading the audiobook of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. It was excellent! I highly recommend it.

Big Sis took a whole series of pictures of her shoes, with my phone. I don't know why. I think she's proud of her Chucks.

 I hadn't seen my mother in over a year. She's only three hours away, but she has had health issues lately. We have made plans multiple times to visit, only to be sidelined by illness, car troubles, or bad weather.

This time, we made it. We were able to hang out with my ma, aunt, and brother, eating Chinese food and playing video games.

They live out in the woods. My brother rescued a turtle crossing the street, and later, helped the girls catch a frog. Big Sis wanted to keep it. (We didn't.)  This is summer in the country, y'all!

We had a relaxing Friday morning. My mother cut our hair - Little Sis will have more to say about that tomorrow - and we visited my grandpa in the nursing home. Then we grabbed a Mazzio's pizza to go, and headed home to Wichita.

We did take a side trip to Guthrie, because I've never actually been there. It's a beautiful town, and I saw lots of stuff I want to explore later.

Back to I-35. Time to go home.

This is how we know we're getting closer to Kansas:

It was a lovely trip, despite its brevity. We made it home in time to join the As You Like It cast party, then spent the weekend attending dance concerts, plays, and in Little Sis's case, a sleepover.

The summering continues...

I assume from the quiet out in Blogland that everyone is either very busy, or very lazy. I hope you are enjoying your summer (or winter, if anyone in the southern hemisphere is reading this).

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  1. Hasn't it been SO quiet?? But I'm still here, reading all my favorite blogs when I can! What a fun trip. You guys are the best travelers ever! Love the turtle, the pix, Lil Sis's hair - and I'll totally check out that Alice audiobook, love me some Michael York!

    1. It's a very well-done audio book. I have a terrible travel bug right now. I want to go places!!! I'm trying to convince Mr. B to go somewhere for the 4th. I'm restless. And often, BROKE. Little road trips are where it's at for me!


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